Sunday, March 31, 2013

Catching Up in CR...

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog.  In fact, its been about 2 months.  It’s hard to believe that time can sometimes fly that fast.  So you may ask what have I been up to?  Most of my time has been spent between two different jobs.   I’m working on saving money up for my next tangent of road adventure. But today, I had my first day off from both of the jobs and so here I am doing a bit of updating...

One of the jobs I’ve been working is a on-line tech support job for an educational firm.  Yes, I know those of you out there that know me find this rather funny.  On-line tech support?  She had to bring a guy friend over the last time to set up her stereo/TV/DVD Player.  But I seem to be managing through with the help of a wonderful on-line resource and a supportive team spirit of people that I work with.  I’m actually solving people’s problems over the phone and it sometimes amazes me that I’m doing this.  But it’s been a fun experience overall and I will admit that I'm learning to be more tech saavy.

The other job that I’ve been working is for the Cedar Rapids Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.  It seems like a perfect fit after being on a road trip for  four and a half months.  In that time I have visited an awful lot of Visitor’s Center and know what I would expect  as a visitor.  So, here I am working from the other point of view.  Thankfully, because I grew up in Cedar Rapids; I already really knew my way around.  The center where I work is in the Czech Village area of Cedar Rapids. Last Saturday was the St. Joseph Day's Parade in Czech Village.  I took a few pictures while I was working.
Photo- It's Iowa, of course there's a tractor in the parade!
Photo: Thing 1, Thing 2, & Cat in the Hat--Hmmm?  Not sure what they had to do with St. Joseph
but at least they were wearing red.  So, why not?

It’s been rather fun meeting people from all over the country and I’ve even gotten to talk with an exchange student from the Czech Republic.  I get to hand out different flyers and give directions to people .  Some of the places I’ve been to, some that I would like to go visit, and still others it has been years since I’ve been there that I have forgotten.  A few things that are on my list are; the Brucemore Mansion, the Grant Wood Studio where he painted the famous American Gothic, and to Dyersville to see the Field of Dreams Movie set.  Yes, I know it’s rather corny of me to want to see a baseball diamond set among corn fields, but after all I am in Iowa.  I figure a little “corniness” is allowable in the Corn State.
Photo- All pimped out in Red for St. Joseph! 
Did I mention that the local pubs were serving Red beer too?!?
Photo- Got to have the ladies dancing in a parade!  And these ladies were wonderful!

When I’m not working at either of the two jobs, I’m doing some painting or Mall Walking.  Yes, Mall walking and let me explain that Iowa’s weather is so very unpredictable.  It can go from rain to snow in a blink of an eye and quite often it doe.  I want to go some place where I can get some form of exercise on a predictable schedule and somewhere cheap because I am trying to save after all.  But I will admit that it is a boost to the ego to be passing all of those older people that do that Mall Walking.  I know that’s terrible of me.  I am hoping that as Spring really eventually comes to this past of Iowa that I’ll be able to get out on my bicycle or perhaps, even get some running in too.

I'm also hoping to squeeze in a bit more local sight seeing while I'm here in Iowa and hope to report and show pictures here soon,  Thanks for visiting and I hope to be updating you soon with some local sights!