Thursday, February 25, 2010

Perfect 10 Update- Week 8

It's been rather a tough week. I didn't do very well on quite a few fronts, and must admit to being a bit frustrated. Here's the progress and explanations...

--Lose 10 lbs. over 10 weeks: Can we say OUCH!!!!!!!! I gained 3 lbs. this week! I must admit that I have not felt motivated at all this week. My food journal was very poorly kept up this week. I logged in my workouts but didn't write down my food intake. I was a VERY BAD GIRL!!! I ate out and even had a couple of orders of fast food with ....french fries! OMG!! So overall that puts me down to only 3 lbs. lost over the 8 weeks which is rather dismal!

--Build up to 10 miles running in less than 2.5 hours: I accomplished this goal last and was playing with the idea of seeing if I could do a combination of improving my speed and increasing my distance. With that in mind, this last Sunday morning I did what is called a tempo run. I started off with an easy run speed and then every two minutes I would increase my speed by .1 till I was running at my fastest. I managed to get up to 6.4 mph on the treadmill, and still lived to tell the tale! But I think that I injured myself in the process. The front middle of my right thigh has been hurting ever since. In fact, it's been getting worse each day no matter what I do. I didn't go to the gym this morning because I'm just limping along as is. On top of it I am really hating the fact that I live on the third floor. Stairs can be a killer.

--Balance exercises 2 times a week: Nope! Just couldn't do it with my right thigh acting up.

--Gym 3 times a week: Yep, against my better judgement... Friday, Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday. Both Monday and Wednesday I walked on the treadmill taking it easy in hopes that it would help my thigh out. Nope! So I'm planning on not going to gym tomorrow and doing an easy swim with Diane on Saturday morning.

Unknow fact:
I name my cars. I know it sounds silly but I can thank my Mom for this. She always names her cars. My current car's name is... " Sexy Soccer Mom Mobile". It was derived from a comment a co-worker said the first day I showed up to work with my 1999 Ford Taurus SE Station Wagon. He said," What are you going for that Sexy Soccer Mom look or what?" The name stuck! My previous vehicle names... Bitch Mobile (Blue Escort Wagon), Blackie (Black Ford Ranger), Chocolate Drop (Brown Dodge Aries).

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Life is Good Moment-- Coffee and Technology

This morning, I hit the snooze for the first time after my 20 minute nap (after the 5AM gym workout). I lay there in bed ensconed in my warm blankets and the wondrous aroma of coffee wafting my senses. Awwww....Creme Brulee! This is SO fantastic! I can now thanks to technology wake up to this almost ever morning. And it is OH-SO-WONDERFUL!! Oh my-- Life is Good!!

Yes, I figured out how to operate the new technology of my new Gevaila coffee maker so that I can now wake up to coffee. I decided with a new year upon us that I needed a change of a new coffee maker that can tell time.

Of course, it took the technologically challenged me a month and a half to finally get my act together and set the clock on it. I ordered the free coffee maker with the coffee service for a Christmas present for myself. It seemed like a good deal. I got the 3 pkgs. coffee, a carafe, a coffee maker, and a insulated travel mug-- all for the price of $25. Well, while I was at it I ordered a few more packages of coffee at a discounted rate. Can you read the SUCKER sticker on my forehead?!
I called and cancelled before I was due to receive the third shipment. The second shipment snuck up on me. Ooopps! Now I have enough coffee in my freezer to last at least a good 7 to 8 months.

But in my defense I now have some wonderful flavors of coffee in my freezer now like .... Creme Brulee, Cinnamon, Hazelnut, Vanilla Nut, French Roast, Irish Creme, Amaretto, and Pumpkin Spice. It's like having dessert in coffees in my very own freezer and I'm loving it!

For Lent this year I decided not to do my usual giving up the 3 C's (coffee, chocolate, & caffeine). I just have too much going on with training for a half marathon, trying to lose weight, and getting ready for an Art Show in March. It was just too much, and I did all ready give up anything with artificial sweeteners. I figured I could take a year off from the usual and hope that God would be okay with that. And I was thinking this morning as I'm pouring a hot mug of Creme Brulee coffee.... HE must be okay with this because it's happening! Anyway, that's my theory.

Now if I can only figure out the technology of my new Sansa Clip. Life would be GREAT! I some how ended up with a triple copy of an Edie Brickell & New Bohemians Album on it. NOT a good thing! And a trifle irritating too. I'm re-thinking even including it on there, but we'll see what I can figure out technologically...

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Brazilian Butt Lift in 30 Days?

This morning while Diane, myself and Diane’s neighbor are all in a row at our machines on comes this infomercial….”Yes, you too can have the perfect Brazilian Butt in 30 Days!?! It even comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!??..” And I think to myself…WTF?!

Of all the areas on my body where I want to have people checking me out….It’s NOT my behind! I would rather have people checking out my “headlights” than my “tail lights”!!

This infomercial is advertising itself as the “…Supermodels’ Secret to a Perfect Butt… and 90 days to the perfect butt…” It’s a 90 day workout that is on a set of three DVD’s. It will reduce you butt, then shape it, and then lift! I think to myself,”Oh to defy the laws of gravity!” I look at Diane’s neighbor and I say,” Don’t they have underwear that does the same thing for a WHOLE lot less effort?” We laugh and then a before picture comes on and Diane says,” Look it’s a picture of my butt!!” I almost want to high five her on that comment. We went on to comment that a great deal of the exercises that they were showing were very similar to those that we did back in Boot Camp. It should have been called "Booty" Camp!

It even showed a pencil test. A pencil test?!? You see, you put a pencil under your butt check and it’s not supposed to touch over the pencil and you can see a difference in as little as a week or so they advertise.

I can’t help but think that this is sad…Do people really fall for this stuff?!! Do they really purchase this stuff?!? Is our society such that we now have to have the perfect butt? I’m working out on a machine between two wonderful accomplished women who are not perfect in physical form and Lord knows I’m not in perfect form~! But I think this is sad because it feeds into self doubts that these women, and myself, may have about themselves. AND I can help but get MAD at the whole thing. It also makes me wonder about the society in which I live in, and really makes me glad that I don’t get TV in my home. I don’t want to invite this stuff into my home! And I hope quite a few of you out there are changing the channel when you see something like this… please don’t encourage them! Well, that’s my thoughts on the subject of the "Booty". Please feel free to make your own comments. I would love to hear.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Perfect 10 Update- Week 7

Overall a busy week but a good week. Here's the progress report...

--Lose 10 lbs. over 10 weeks: I lost a 1 lb. this week. That puts me at a total weight loss of 5 lbs. over the 7 weeks, and at an avergae pace of almost 3/4 lb weight loss per week. For those of you that are like me and like to analyze things out a bit. Not a bad pace and I would like to keep it up! I've been thinking of putting pictures from my Victoria Secret catalog on the refrig. door to keep me focused. Not that I'll ever look like those women but it might help me to really think before I eat something. That's my logic, anyway... Do you think it could work?

--Build up to 10 miles running in under 2.5 hours: Check this one off the goal list! ACCOMPLISHED!! This last Sunday I managed to run 10.45 miles in 2 hours and 6 minutes. YAHOO!! I'm half tempted to up the "anty" now but which way I'm not sure. After all, I do still have three more weeks left to work on improving either my time or my distance on it. What would be reasonable? Hmmm... Any suggestions out there?

--Balance exercises 2 times a week: Done! Once of the clock of shoes on the floor around me and once with the bending over with one leg on off the floor and put a half full glass of water on the stool. I'm getting better!

--Gym 3 times a week: Oh, no problem here... Friday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. This early morning stuff can be addictive!

The Unknown fact:
I have never broken a bone in my body. OMG! I hope I'm not jinxing myself by stating that... Gee, where's some real wood when you need it?!? (Not at my desk at work that's for sure.) I know it's really surprising some of you, especially considering me being such a klutz in general, and that I'm in my 40's. How I managed this feat I will never know because there were several opportunities where I should have broken some bones but didn't. I guess I know how to fall unlike Humpty Dumpty?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The 3rd Annual Black Widow's Valentine's Dinner

It was as always a very Fun filled event, and such a fun way to celebrate Valentine's Day for us single gals. Here we are as a group...

The widows that survived their husbands this year... Mrs. Walter Cronkite Head, Mrs. Aladdin, Mrs. Gumby, and Mrs. Happy-So-Lucky. As you will notice it was a very creative bunch this year. We did however have two of the widows that were unable to make it... I guess they were just TOO sick in mourning.
First there was Mrs. Walter Cronkite Head, a.k.a. Not-So-Good, read the write up that she did for her dear Walter... "Oh my dear dead Walter... You would have had to seen him to believe him. Walter Cronkite, as the world knew him but his real name was Walter Head, who was born in Idaho. From the very beginning, my folks didn't like Walter. They complained that he had a Big head, a bald head, and too plain for me. In other words, they thought of him as a common "tater". But the first time I laid eyes on him, my heart just melted like butter, or maybe it was sour cream... I can't remember for sure. That was a little less than a year ago. I remember our engagement party. We walked into the room, and all "eyes" were upon him. I picked them off as quickly as possible so that no one would notice... He had a heart of gold; I think that was "Yukon Gold". He was so "sweet" that I wouldn't have traded him for another."
"Walter loved to cook...and enjoyed anything outdoors, where he could get "baked" in the sun. He especially liked the Cowboys and Indians, but then he always come home "scalped"... Walter had his faults... He would just be "fried" when I went shopping and spent too much. When he drank too much he had a tendency to get "mashed", and sometimes in general he was soooo cheesy! He had a bag full of kids." Mrs. Head then introduced us to some of the offspring that she had brought along.

Next there was Mrs. Gumby, a true school teacher who brings along her teaching aids-- as apparent below in the photo of her. We teased her about being married to the first man of "being into green". She kept referring to him as Mr. G. Mrs. Head and myself made "G" jokes and asked if that meant he could find the "G-spot"? Oh, and other interesting info about Mr. Gumby... His father was Gumbo. He was on the moon 13 years before Neil Armstrong in 1956. His creator Art Clokey first combined clay and film professionally while working on commercials for Budweiser in the early 1950's. Gumby's best pal is a horse named Pokey. It takes 1440 still-frame pictures to make just one minute of clay animation-- Holy Toledo!

Next Mrs. Happy-So-Lucky who had left Happy out to park the car. She got concerned when he didn't show up half way through dinner. The next thing I knew my apartment hallway was a murder scene! Oh No!! Thank goodness this was after the main entree and before dessert! Who could eat at a time like this!??! Happy had happened to have his Day and Night Planner on him and that helped to solve the case.

Mrs. Happy-So-Lucky put on her police badge and quickly got to work on handing out warrants that were written out to ... "yes, you!"

Well, through the process of elimination and alibis the suspect happened to be narrowed down to ME!!??! Wait a minute!!?? WHAT?! I had no alibis and I had not place an extra setting at the table for Happy.... So I was arrested! I argued that it was all circumstantial evidence and was allowed reprieve so that I could read my obit for my husband... thank goodness!

Here's my obit picture with the write up about my dear Genie...

Local Amateur Magician Falls
to Death During Flying Carpet
Salt Lake City resident, Genie Abba Dabba Aladdin
fell to his death during a flying carpet incident last
night. The flying magic carpet trick that had become
a staple of his magic show and proved to be a fatal
last flight on Sunday evening. Genie had performed
this magical feat numerous times at various venues
over his 25 years of his magic career.

According to his manager what killed him was
the 20 lbs. that he had gained over the holidays.
“It put Genie at too much weight for the safety
suspension system of the flying carpet magic trick.”

The safety cable snapped while the flying carpet
magic trick was being performed for the Special
Olympics Children at the Villa Theater. Genie and his magic carpet careened the 30 feet to the stage where he died on impact. Thanks to the fast thinking on the part of a stage hand who pulled the curtain shut just as Genie’s actual landing took place, and then the Master of Ceremonies finishing up the show. Most of the Special Olympics Children were not aware of Genie’s last plummet to death.

Genie moved to Salt Lake in November 2003, having lived out most of his prime magic career in Las Vegas. He used to be the opening warm up act for Siegfried & Roy in Vegas but found himself unemployed after the October 3rd, 2003 show where Roy got injured by a tiger at a show at the Mirage. Genie tried to serve as the warm up magic act for several other Big Shows in Vegas but just couldn’t find a good fit for his special brand of humor. He had reached a time where he felt it best to go a semi-retired act route. He then moved to Salt Lake City, and started his own business of entertaining for large groups of children. It was a special segment that worked very successfully for him and business was thriving.

Genie is survived by his wife Red. Genie and Red met on a Bonneville Cycling Club Halloween Costume ride. Genie had done a quick impromptu magic show before the first ride in 2004. Red served as his assistant. It was love at first sight. The magic show had become a staple tradition that occurred before the Halloween Bike ride over the years since. Well, not anymore! (Above photo is Red & Genie performing together before the last Halloween Bike Ride in 2009.)

And so the evening ended with each of us consoling our friends and enjoying a dessert of Grapes with Cinnamon Walnut Cream. A FUN evening and now trying to get ideas for next year's event!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Perfect 10 Update- Week 6

Here's my progress report--

--Lose 10 lbs. in 10 weeks: Good News! Good progress on this goal this week which is surprising considering that I did do a Chocolate & Wine Pairing Class on Tuesday night. But then again I did some extra cardio on Wednesday morning to combat the situation. I'm down another 1.5 lbs! YAHOOOOOOO! That puts me at a total weight loss of 4 lbs. over the 6 weeks. Hopefully, I can keep this up!

--Build to 10 miles of running in under 2.5 hours: This week was a back off from distance week. This last Sunday morning I did manage 5.35 miles in 63 minutes time. This next Sunday morning, I have a plan to run 10 miles which hopefully will take me lass than 2.5 hours. In fact, it looks like I might be able to manage within almost a two hour time frame. Keep your fingers crossed for me on this upcoming Sunday morning!

--Balance exercises 2 times per week: 50% accomplished! I did do my balance improving exercise once this week. I keep forgetting to do these exercises. I need to work on getting them into a regular part of my routine.

--Gym at least 3 times a week: 100%! Friday, Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday early mornings! I'm getting to where I have MY treadmill that I like to use... Can that be a good thing?

--Now for the UNKNOWN fact:
I got the idea this week from South Beach Steve's ( Perfect 10 update last week. I was a choir director for my church for almost 6 years. I have to laugh at the oddity of the whole situation because I don't play any instruments and I don't read music. I sing by ear and I don't really believe that much in practicing either. So here I am the choir director for a choir of almost 20 people. HELLO!! I see a slight issue here... but I think it was just that no one else wanted to be in charge and I've been told I'm a good people person. The choir only had about 4 regular people when I first started and when I stepped down this last year there's about 13 regular members and up to 20 for special choir events. I would quite often refer to myself as the choir organizer because when I said choir director I had people that would ask me to sing with them or ask music related questions where I had NO CLUE what they were talking about.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chocolate & Wine Pairing...

Last night I went to a class at Tony Caputo's Market & Deli ( with my friend Diane. It was an eye opener as far as my knowledge of chocolate. The class ( Intro to Fine Chocolates and Wine Pairing) touted itself as---
"an experience in the very best examples of the world's most romantic food. Not only will you enjoy sexy pairings of chocolate and wine, but you will learn everything you need to become a chocolate connoisseur and why most people are pairing all the wrong wines with chocolate."

I was amazed at how little I knew about chocolate as the class progressed on. The teacher (Matt Caputo) proved to be a VERY well versed in his chocolate. He went over a breif history and quickly dispelled some common myths about chocolate. These myths? Some of them I will admit that I had believed before the class like: the darker the better the chocolate, the more bitter it is the better the chocolate is, and the truth about Hershey's Chocolate. I was never fond of milk chocolate or Hershey's Chocolate before the class but afterwards... well, let's just say that it's like comparing a fine restaurant to a McDonald's. I don't think I ever want to go back!

Matt further went on to talk about the three major bean types, where they were grown, and the harvesting. Then there's the whole process of cleaning, roasting, hulling, grinding, coching, and tempering. Some of which took place in the country of origin and some in the chocolate maker's business. Some of it, I will admit, went right on over my head. It was a great deal to cover in one sitting. But it made me appreciate chocolate all the more.

Next, there was a short talk about pairing wine with chocolate. The magic immutable rule is this; the wine must be sweeter than the chocolate, or the chocolate must be sweeter than the wine. WOW! All of those times when I had been told to pair a rich bold red wine with chocolate were all wrong.

Then the taste testing was the funniest. 8 different chocolates were tasted; each progressing with better quality. The wines were getting sweeter as the tasting progressed. I will admit that there was one chocolate that was listed under the Perfect Chocolate that I did not like at all. It was described to me as leathery. Leathery? That's something that I would want strapped on to my man NOT my chocolate! Then there was a single vintage Sherry that was paired with some of the finer chocolates that was just SO syruppy and alcoholic that my palate was repelled.

My favorite chocolate ended up being a mid-range fine chocolate called Djakarta and produced by Pralus. It had this nice woodsy smokey flavor to it, and I enjoyed the texture of it on my tongue. I purchased a bar of it as I left. Another impressive fact about Caputo's is that they have over 270 different chocolate bars, and even some chocolates that are available in bulk. All I can say is...VERY TEMPTING!! I'm now very curious to try my bar in the privacy of my own home without any wine pairing.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Coming Soon-- The Invite is Out for Dinner

It's a year since this picture of the "Tough Bunch" was taken at last year's Black Widow's Valentine's Dinner. In fact, this was the subject of my first post on the Allgood Life blog. We are about to meet again for another year of the Annual Black Widow's Valentines Dinner Party. The event 3 years ago was SO MUCH FUN that it's become an annual thing where I serve as the host.

For those of you that are not familiar with the "Black Widow's" here is a brief description... We are a group of single female friends that enjoy hanging out together. Most of us are Catholic but that's not a requirement. We have fun together and THAT'S what counts. I'm so looking forward to what the girls come up with this year. I'm always amazed at the amount of imagination that they all have. So the invite has been out for the dinner and it kind of describes the event in and of itself...
(here's a copy of the invitation)

You are invited to….
The Black Widow’s Valentine’s Dinner
Saturday, February 13th 2010
6 O’clock in the evening
Come to…..
Biker Chick’s Humble Abode

RSVP is appreciated.
(Please refer to enclosed sheet for more details-- which is shown here below...)

The Black Widow’s Valentine’s Dinner Memo:
TO: Guest
Subject: Not Required; But Reccomended!!

The following are not required but recommended for the Black Widow’s Valentine’s Dinner. It will certainly help to make it more fun and enjoyable evening for you.

Wear Black: Look like the Widow. Please try to look as sorrowful as you are able. There will be a small door prize for each individual that comes dressed for the part. Also, please consider that you may be asked to take a turn around the table to show-off how pitiful you look.

Bring a Picture: Bring a picture of your fictitious husband. You will earn an entry in the prize drawing for participating. I’m also very curious to see how nerdish or silly you second husbands are.
Have a Good Story: Have a good story of how your fictitious 3rd (or 4th for some of us) husband passed away. Please ladies make it interesting and humorous but not too long. Also, please consider that we will be trying to enjoy dinner while the telling of your story. Each one participating in this will earn another entry in the prize drawing. I’m very looking forward to the interesting ways your 3rd (or 4th) husbands were to arrive at the pearly gates.
Bring an Obituary: Bring a made up obituary for your fictitious 3rd (or 4th ) husband. Please bring it in written readable form, and it will be passed around for everyone to read for themselves, or if you prefer to dramatically read it to the group that’s also allowable. Again, you will earn an entry in the prize drawing.

Prizes! Prizes, and more prizes! This year I’ve stocked up on some good prizes. There’s a DVD, jewelry, skin care, make up, and various Avon items for you to take home with you.

Again, none of these are required to participate in the Dinner, but they are recommended. You may choose to participate in one or more of the above mentioned items. But please remember that all of this is done in the sense of fun, and please keep in mind that we will be consuming food. I thank you ahead of time for your participation in the Black Widow’s Valentine’s Dinner.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Perfect 10 Update- Week 5

Wow! Another week has come and gone. I feel like I blinked for too long and it whipped on by me. I’ve been up to my elbows (at least) in oil paints trying to get ready for an art show in March. This last week my life has been gym in the early mornings, work, and then oil painting at home till bed time. I’m afraid I may burn out. But for the most part, I’m managing through and I think I’m progressing pretty well on these Perfect 10 goals. Here’s the progress report…

--Lose 10 lbs. over 10 weeks: Well, this morning my digital scale was flashing back and forth very quickly displaying two different weights within a lb of each other. So, I’m going to be optimistic and claim I’m down a half lb. I almost wish I had a digital scale that showed the tenths of a lb., but I don’t. So that puts me at down a total of 2.5 lbs. over 5 weeks. I’m also very optimistic for next week because this week is my monthly cycle and I usually gain 3 to 4 lbs. but I lost half a lb. which would be wonderful if it showed up as a loss for next week of 3 to 4 lbs. I would be ecstatic if that happened!

--Build to 10 miles running in under 2.5 hours: Early this last Sunday morning, I ran 9.12 miles on the treadmill at the gym in 113 minutes. Like the joke… “AND BOY was I ever tired afterwards!” I immediately went home and took a two hour nap. Monday morning, I woke tired, sore, and crampy. I think that the run may have brought my monthly on early by two days. I called in sick to work and curled up with the hot water bottle in bed.

--Balance exercises twice a week: FAILED totally!! With every thing going on I completely spaced this out this week.

--Gym at least 3 times a week: Done! Friday, Sunday, and Wednesday!

The Unknown Fact--- My last moving violation I received on my bicycle for “Improper Look Out”. I don’t think that many people know that in quite a few places the bicycle is classified in the codes of motor vehicles, and as such falls under the same rules. Yes, you can get a ticket as much on a bicycle as in a car.

One evening I was commuting home from work on my bicycle. I came to an intersection where cross traffic did not stop. I waited and waited for a spot to clear enough for me to take the left hand turn that I needed to take. It felt like it was taking F-O-R-E-V-E-R. Finally, I just had a big commercial van that was taking a right turn just prior to where I was waiting.

I SHOULD have waited but I was impatient. I started out into traffic. There I was out in traffic lane when from behind that big van; a white car came. I had a bit of an “Oh Shit” moment, and then I reacted. Its funny how things that happen fast sometimes feel slow. I quickly twisted my front tire so that I would go in the same direction as the car. The front of the car still clipped my front tire; snapping the front fork. The front tire was thrown to the curb. Meanwhile I spun around balanced over the back tire. When I stopped spinning, I fell straight sideways.

The police gave me the ticket and it was placed on my driver’s license. I was a little bruised and embarrassed but fine otherwise. But not nearly as bad as the driver of the white car, who I really felt bad for. They were a mother and child, who were illegal aliens. The car was impounded on the spot, and they were waiting to be taken into custody. As I waited with my broken bike for a ride home, I watched in amazement as a drama of crying and screaming unfolded.