Thursday, February 25, 2010

Perfect 10 Update- Week 8

It's been rather a tough week. I didn't do very well on quite a few fronts, and must admit to being a bit frustrated. Here's the progress and explanations...

--Lose 10 lbs. over 10 weeks: Can we say OUCH!!!!!!!! I gained 3 lbs. this week! I must admit that I have not felt motivated at all this week. My food journal was very poorly kept up this week. I logged in my workouts but didn't write down my food intake. I was a VERY BAD GIRL!!! I ate out and even had a couple of orders of fast food with ....french fries! OMG!! So overall that puts me down to only 3 lbs. lost over the 8 weeks which is rather dismal!

--Build up to 10 miles running in less than 2.5 hours: I accomplished this goal last and was playing with the idea of seeing if I could do a combination of improving my speed and increasing my distance. With that in mind, this last Sunday morning I did what is called a tempo run. I started off with an easy run speed and then every two minutes I would increase my speed by .1 till I was running at my fastest. I managed to get up to 6.4 mph on the treadmill, and still lived to tell the tale! But I think that I injured myself in the process. The front middle of my right thigh has been hurting ever since. In fact, it's been getting worse each day no matter what I do. I didn't go to the gym this morning because I'm just limping along as is. On top of it I am really hating the fact that I live on the third floor. Stairs can be a killer.

--Balance exercises 2 times a week: Nope! Just couldn't do it with my right thigh acting up.

--Gym 3 times a week: Yep, against my better judgement... Friday, Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday. Both Monday and Wednesday I walked on the treadmill taking it easy in hopes that it would help my thigh out. Nope! So I'm planning on not going to gym tomorrow and doing an easy swim with Diane on Saturday morning.

Unknow fact:
I name my cars. I know it sounds silly but I can thank my Mom for this. She always names her cars. My current car's name is... " Sexy Soccer Mom Mobile". It was derived from a comment a co-worker said the first day I showed up to work with my 1999 Ford Taurus SE Station Wagon. He said," What are you going for that Sexy Soccer Mom look or what?" The name stuck! My previous vehicle names... Bitch Mobile (Blue Escort Wagon), Blackie (Black Ford Ranger), Chocolate Drop (Brown Dodge Aries).


  1. Sorry to hear about your thigh injury... Hope it improves very soon...

    I don't know why so many of us are struggling with good food choices at the moment - I can only assume it's because of the time of year? I posted about it in my Perfect 10 update this morning...

    My mum names all her cars too!

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Bye for now

    Patsy x

  2. Thanks Patsy! I hope my thigh gets better soon too.

    Food choices-- I think that it's the almost Spring is here spurlge.

    And by the way... I just realize I can't add or subtract very well. Since when did 3 + 3 = 5? OH wait it's the NEW math! So I'm only down an even more dismal 2 lbs. overall! Ugh!