Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A New Hairdo & On the Mend

I'm always going through phases-- blonder or redder for the most part. This last Saturday I got a new haircut with a bit of color. I told my hairstylist that I was ready for a change. She cut it with a little more layers to bring out my natural curl and then I went with a bit of a darker red. I finally this morning felt like I did a halfway decent job of styling and took a couple of quick pictures. (Why is there such a learning curve with styling your hair after a haircut?) This is for you MOM; now you can see what I look like.
And here's the result...

(I apologize for the raised eyebrows and the smirky looks. It's not easy holding a camera and trying to look semi-normal.)
Yes, that is all natural curl that most times I try to take the curling iron and wrestle it out of my hair. I'm really hoping that I figure out the new "do" before my art show on March 20th.
After the haircut on Saturday, I had made an appointment at a local massage place to see if I could get the pain in my top right thigh worked out. OMG! It was a very painful massage that I muddled through-- the young man that worked on my legs was kneeling on a stool near the table and using his elbow to get deep into my upper legs muscles and glutes. On top of it all, I was in a mood to chat. I talked the poor guys ears off. Not normal for when you get a massage but the funny thing is that we discovered we had a connection. He was friends with the neighbor boys that I used to hire to cut my grass about 10 years back. Small world!
I was walking normal out of the massage parlor but woke up the next morning to discover that my ass was on fire! He had told me that I would be sore the next day, but I had not expected this. All of Sunday I was going back and forth between sitting on a hot pad or sitting on ice. Talk about freezing my ass off!
Slowly over the week, my ass has been less and less sore. I've actually been feeling quite good and think by this Friday I'll be able to start back up with the running. YAHOO!

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  1. Great new 'do! *sigh* I wish my hair had some curl. Mine does exactly--nothing.

    It never occurred to me that deep massage would cause such lingering pain. I knew that eating hot wings was a pain the arse the morning after, but I know.

    I'm in awe of anyone who can last more than 6 miles on a treadmill at one go. Good job!