Thursday, March 11, 2010

Perfect 10-- A Final Update- Week 10

Wow! 10 weeks has flow by in this Perfect 10 challenge. I've reached some of the goals pretty well but the losing weight one has eluded me. So here's the final update/summary for the Perfect 10 in 2010.

-- Lose 10 lbs. in 10 weeks: Well, this week I did managed to lose 2 lbs. So overall that puts me at a total of losing 3 lbs. for the 10 weeks. I will admit that I'm disappointed in myself but it's better than what I usually do during this time of year, and it's something that I will continue to work on.

-- Build up to 10 miles of running in under 2.5 hours: I achieved this goal in week#7 and managed to do it in 2 hours and 6 minutes. I think I'll be very prepared for the half marathon in the Salt Lake City Marathon on April 17th. I'm even a little bit hopeful that I'll manage the half marathon in under 2.5 hours. But we will see how that day goes.

-- Balance exercises 2 times a week: This week I only did it once. Overall during the 10 weeks, I have had only a 60% track record on this goal. But I think that I did accomplish what I was working toward behind the goal. My balance has improved. In fact, the other morning I did a Tree pose in yoga and managed it without having to clamp on to the wall before I usually fall down. That's progress!

-- Gym 3 times a week: Yep! I was there on Friday, Monday, and Wednesday this last week. Overall my track record for this goal is about 90%. I'm getting my moneys worth out of that gym membership, and I hope to continue on this goal. I'm most curious to see what happens to my use of that membership when cycling season is in full swing.

Unknown fact:

The last one--- and I must admit that coming up with these are probably the hardest part of the Perfect 10 for me. I always feel like I'm an open book for the most part and figure that I share quite a bit with everyone that's in my life. AND yes, for those of you that are still reading down this far I do consider you part of my life-- even though some of us have never conversed via email, phone, text, or other means. Just by the fact that you are reading this I feel like our lives have touched. Sorry if that sounds a little too Zen for you. I very much believe in the power of one. I like the idea of each one of us being that drop of water that makes a wave-- some of us make larger waves, and others of us are more gentle but each one of us has an effect on others. I hope and pray that overall I'm making a positive effect on other people's lives. But I will admit that sometimes, I can be a general screw up and I'm very very human.


  1. Nice job Jeanne! You've accomplished some big goals in the past 10 weeks. I hope you are feeling proud and standing tall. TGIF!

  2. Great job on completing The Perfect 10! You really did great on most of your goals. Don't let missing the weight goal discourage you - you have set some habits that will bring you there shortly.

  3. Well done on finishing what you started, and ending up lighter than at the start of the challenge. :o)