Thursday, March 4, 2010

Perfect 10 Update- Week 9

One more week to go and I hope that I do better next week than I did this week. In many ways I feel like this has been a "nothing" type of week. I backed off and let my body rest. This rather proved to be a challenge for me. But anyway here's my progress report...

--Lose 10 lbs. over 10 weeks: No change from last week which surprised me considering that I took the week off from running/working out to recover from my injury. So I'm still only down 1 lb. over all for the 9 weeks. Not so good, BUT I will admit it's not as bad as would normally happen during this time of year. Since my low weight this summer just prior to the Slow Salty Dog Triathlon, I'm presently only up 3 lbs. overall. Normally by this time of year I would be at least 10 to 12 lbs. heavier, and figuring that I would lose it all during the summer. This year when summer comes, it'll be like I have a head start in a way.

--Build up to 10 miles running in less than 2.5 hours: I know I've all ready accomplished this goal and I was not running this week because of the injury that happened to my right thigh. I'm still hoping to work on my speed and distance but considering I've lost a week I'm not sure what to expect. I guess I'll find out tomorrow morning with my usual short Friday morning run.

--Balance exercises 2 times a week: Nope! I took the week off from this too.

--Gym 3 times a week: Nope! Didn't get my money's worth this week. The closest I came this week was 1/4 mile swim at another pool on Saturday.

Unknown fact:
Last night I almost finished a WHOLE box of Girl Scout Cookies. That Cookie Monster got loose! While I snarfed them down, I thought about how I was a Girl Scout when I was younger. It seems like a lifetime ago. I once won a Mississippi Valley Girl Scout Cookie Top Seller T-Shirt. The quota to win the t-shirt was 250 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies sold. Of these I actually only sold about 70 boxes. My Dad, a welder and member of the Union at the time, coerced the rest of them out of his fellow employees. I really wonder if they hated that time of year, and looking back now I kind of feel guilty because I didn't really win the right to wear that t-shirt.


  1. I know I'm going to sound REALLY ignorant here, but what are girl scout cookies? Are the cookies made and sold door-to-door by girl scouts, or is it a brand of cookie you buy in the shops?

    Let's see the perfect 10 challenge out with a bang in its final week next week. :o)

  2. Patsy-
    No worries on the Girl Scout Cookie issue.

    It's an American thing-- the cookies are in a way a brand of cookies. They are made special for the Girl Scouts and you can only purchase these cookies through your local Girl Scouts this time of year.

    Most of the time the Girl Scouts will sale them door to door but quite often you can locate the "smarter" Girl Scouts outside a local church or store seller to more people. Or quite often is the case I have a Mom or Dad co-worker or friend that will approach me with how many boxes do I want to purchase.

    I purchased 4 boxes through Diane and know that I probably should have only purchased 1 box at the most....
    Forever on the hips---I HOPE NOT!

    YES! Let's try to finish this Perfect 10 on an upswing!

    Thanks for your comments!