Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Howling Wind + Stairs + Etc = No Sleep

So last night I lay in bed awake staring at the clock on my nightstand. I know I need to sleep and Lord knows I'm tired but the cards seemed to be stacked against me. The wind was furious last night; at moments it sounded like a freight train approaching. At other times, it was like having a large semi-truck driving opposite on a two lane highway. You would get the noise and then this quick suction. The windows were rattling hard in their frames and I had the fear that I was just moments from flying glass. The whole apartment building was creaking and groaning. And maybe it was my imagination but it seemed as though the building was swaying with each creak and groan. Finally a neighbor with a car alarm (set way TOO sensitive) turned it off at around midnight. Then there was a full moon, and this HUGE full moon was really cranking out the light. It was almost like having a beacon light shining in my window.

At about 3AM I got up to try to walk around and get my mind off worrying about sleeping. See if I could just relax and get a mind set to be tired. I looked outside the sliding glass door to a scene of tree branches whipping around, boxes and papers streaming through the air, and narrow elongated clouds below the full moon. It rather reminded me of those scenes in the horror flicks just before someone gets murdered. Yep, this was definitely sleep conducive! I also noticed that one of my wind chimes was blown to smithereens! It used to have several smaller chime tubes below a large medallion. Well, now it was just one large medallion on a string.

While I was walking around I also noticed that my legs were getting stiff from my earlier feat of moving 20+ oil paintings from my friend's upstairs studio to my car, drive a few miles and then up to my third floor apartment. Who needs the StairMaster? That's a gym workout right there! It felt like 100 trips up and down and back down, but I'm sure that it was at least 20 trips total. All of the unsold paintings are now safely en scone in my humble abode but are leaning waiting to be hung. So thus my mind gets on this tangent of how to hang 20+ framed oil paintings in my small one bedroom place. Yeah, this is working on getting me ready to go back to sleep...NOT!

I took a couple of Advil hoping that it would help with the stiffness of the knees and maybe help me to sleep too. Well, I finally did managed but strange dreams came again. This time Matthew McConaughey's mother kept trying to fix me up with Matthew. I was managing her Southern-style restaurant in Souix Falls, South Dakota where I was constantly avoiding getting ate by these alligators that she had imported for "atomshpere". We, Matthew & I, finally did go out on a dinner date where we quickly discovered we didn't have anything in common. It was rather comical because we were both trying to figure out how to break it gently to his mother that it wouldn't work out between us.

With all this is it any wonder that at 5AM when my alarm went off, I reset it to sleep in? The gym I considered a forgone-- not a good idea --conclusion. But hey! There's always tomorrow, right?

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