Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April Fool's?

It's been a strange day. It was snowing when I came into work today, and I was listening to a radio station that was doing an April Fool's Joke of a "Men's Expo" complete with arm wrestling, sales of sporting equipment & hunting gear, and even... a HAIRIEST BACK Contest! WTF?!!? I was still cracking up about it as I pulled into the parking lot at work.

Upon coming into the door, one of the guys told me a co-worker's husband died last night so she wouldn't be in. Me, still being in the April Fool's Day mode laughed and said that's not a very funny April Fool's joke! "It's not an April Fool's Joke, believe me," he said. It has been a very somber affair here at work since. This is the most somber April Fool's Day I have ever had. I can't help but think what a strange day to have a death on.

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