Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy P.O.E.T.S. Day!

As a friend who has a great deal of humor once emailed me and wished me a Happy POETS Day! POETS Day? I thought to myself," Is this a national holiday I don't know about?" No, it's not that came the reply and answered. It is...Piss- Off- Everyone- Tomorrow’s- Saturday! The idea has rather stuck with me since. So while everyone is saying the TGIF, I’ve got this other version of “It’s Friday” flag waving going on in the back of my mind. (Thanks, Jeffy!)

None the less, it’s always with quite a bit of relief that this day arrives each week, and I look forward to the release from the bondage of office work. Not that I really hate my job, per say. But it’s like the flood gates to the weekend open full and all of the possibilities of spending my time in other ways come flooding at me. Yes! I can bike, run, hike, read, paint, or lounge if the mood suits. Awww~! What a beautiful thing the weekend can be!

The weather looks good for the most part this weekend. Saturday I’m planning on catching a bike ride then later on catching a couple of birthday celebrations. By the way the Popette (Ms. Mary Patrick) turns 77 today. We are going to Mimi’s Café to celebrate her birthday tomorrow. (I will probably have pictures on Monday of the event.) Sunday, I’m hoping the weather holds out so I can catch a 5-6 mile run outdoors. Somewhere in there I hope to be able to work on an oil painting that has been floating around in my head—I just need to let it out before I go insane. Oh, that’s what weekends are made for! So what are you plans for the weekend? What ever you may do, I hope that you have an enjoyable weekend!

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  1. Sometimes it seems that the week goes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday..... but when Saturday comes, it is magic time! Enjoy your weekend and I hope you get everything in.