Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mowing the Lawn at 2AM?!?!?

Just when I think I’ve heard it all; I hear this tale from a co-worker...

His son is mowing the lawn last night. As a side note: here at my work they subcontract mowing the lawn out; most times to a relative of one of the employees. I should also tell you of the graffiti that is happening on a white wall across the light rail tracks near my work. It’s an on-going problem, and at one time there was a wonderful mural in the place of the white wall. But due to the graffiti problem, it has sadly become a white wall that is always getting tagged with various shades of spray paint. It’s like a white chalk board that is proving VERY tempting to the local graffiti “artists” in the area.

Its 2AM in the morning and the co-worker’s son is mowing the lawn. Why 2AM, you ask? I guess it was the only time before the rain came this morning that his son had time to mow the lawn. “But wasn’t it too dark out?” I asked. “Oh, between the street lights and shining his car lights he could see the grass enough to cut it.” He answered. While his son was mowing the lawn, he called the cops on the taggers who had showed up around the same time to spray a colorful new purple on the white wall. The graffiti artists were long gone before the police arrived. But I had to wonder how the son explained to the police why he was mowing the lawn at 2AM in the morning. Oh how I would have liked to see the scene unfold...

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  1. Strange days, indeed. Young people: they are so nocturnal!