Friday, April 23, 2010

Yawning Friday...

All today I have been yawning and yawning. It's the Friday Yawn's!  It's like a challenge to stay awake for some reason.  I've been getting more sleep this week than I've gotten in months.  I haven't once been to the gym this week (bad of me, I know) but I can't help but want a little time off after the half marathon.   But I also tend to wonder if that could be why it seems this week I'm having more and more trouble getting up in the morning.  Or another possibility is that after that long run my body is just plain worn out... Or it could be that I finally caught that new cold that's been making the rounds here at work.  The possibilities and I'm trying to figure it out. 

It's been a strange week, and I'm so glad to see Friday. At the beginning of the week I weighed myself and discovered I was up 4lbs. WHAT?!? I ran a Half Marathon and my weight was up? Well, it turns out that after an extreme workout like that your muscles have a tendency to swell. Thus, more water and thus more weight. So my weight has slowly been coming down as the water is slowly working it's way out of my muscles. A bit of a disappointment because I was hoping I might lose some over all from the event. Nope, no such luck.

Tuesday night, I attempted to bike up one of my favorite canyons. I made it about 3/4 of the way before my thighs started screaming for relief. The even harder part was holding my legs still as I coasted down. I had to quick pedal every now and then or I was afraid that my legs would literally turn to stone. But the good news is that the next morning, my thigh muscles were finally loosened up to the point where going down stairs was no longer punishment. Those three flights of stairs to my apartment always seem to come back and bite me.

Wednesday morning I went on a 11 mile bike ride before coming into work.  The thighs even felt better and I was almost walking like any other normal type of person.  It was still an issue to bend over and tie my shoes.  I opted for slip-on and had that pretty much covered.  Another aspect I noticed is that I had breakfast after the ride (not normal) and OH MAN was I ever hungry!  It was like I had this uncontrollable urge to snack all day long. [Note to self- Breakfast? What were you thinking?  You never eat breakfast!]

Thursday morning I had planned to go to the gym and attempt a slow run but I was too tired when the alarm went off.  No way was I making it to the gym.  My body said,"  Ha!  You're dreaming woman!  The only way you are making it in your dreams is if you dream your way there!"

And so here I am stuck in Yawning Friday!

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  1. I hope you had a restful weekend, you needed it:) And breakfast is a very good habit, ya know.