Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Recovering & Reading Addiction

I'm still recovering from the run this last Sunday. It's amazing how much 12.1 miles can take out of you. My blister is almost healed and the other pains are going away.

But here I am being a total loafer... Not my usual thing. I've been playing with doing a bike themed painting but I've really been taking a break from painting. I kind of felt a bit burned out preparing for the solo show in March.

This weather that we have been having is not a help to my mood and motivation. On Monday and Tuesday, it was snowing. Snow in April? But I guess April snow showers can also bring those May flowers too. One of the local ski resorts was bragging that they had 24" of new powder on Tuesday morning. (Good news for those that ski; and maybe some day I'll try to downhill ski.)

So anyway, here I am sitting on my behind, and I have discovered that I am addicted to the Twilight book series by Stephenie Meyer. The first one Twilight, I read in two days. The second, New Moon, I snarfed down in three days. And here I am a day and a half in the third one and I'm all ready on page 207 out of 627. I can't seem to put them down and I really need to... the inside of my refrig is almost empty except for a few bottles of beer that's been in there four 2 months (I keep for friends that visit), a few bottled waters, and three bottles of wine (in case of certain friends visiting). The laundry basket is getting rather heaped but I can't seem to put down these books. Dishes are sitting in the sink-- rinsed but need to be thrown into the dishwasher. This is REALLY sad!

The day that I finished the New Moon-- that next day I HAD to go to the library to get the next book. It's almost like I needed my next fix! This is SO unlike me to get like this especially with a BOOK! A BOOK? I'm all warped over a book! Makes me wonder about when I go to the library for the next one and I hope I maintain my sanity if the next book isn't available. But if you should happen to hear about a strangled librarian, well-- It was probably me that performed it. Just when you thought a librarian was a safe occupation!

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  1. yes, those books are addictive. they are like candy or choc chip cookies. once you start they are difficult to stop!

    let me know how you like the ending, book 4. some people love the series ending, some hate it.

    and have you seen the movies yet? jacob looks FINE. in fact, I am a jacob fan. think edward is a little creepy. i think she should end up with jacob!!