Friday, March 26, 2010

The Edge of Sickness & Strange Dreams

The last three days I have been struggling on the edge of not getting sick. For the last two months there has been this terrible cold that’s been circulating through the office~ enough so that it’s hit one coworker twice. (She doesn’t have much of an immune system.) It’s kind of like I have a sore throat when I get up in the morning but after my second cup of joe it’s disappeared. Then there’s the mild headache that rather gets worse and worse as the day goes on. I’ve been overdosing on vitamin C, doing the B-complex, doling up the Echinacea, and trying to eat healthy all in the effort of trying to avoid the “sickness”. I’ve even been doing the lots of fluid thing and visiting the bathroom like a zillion times a day. But I feel like a large hand is still trying to clamp down on my body; slowly but surely. Help!?!

I tend to wonder as a side effect of all this stuff I’m trying to do to avoid this sickness is causing me to have these REALLY strange dreams. Like last night’s dream....

I woke up with light blue skin and bright green hair in a pair of pony tails. I was an Irish Smurfette? I was dressed in a blue and white gingham mini-skirt like apron (kind of Dorothy-like) with black capris and one purple argyle sock. No shoes; just the one sock? I was convinced that it was a Donny Osmond reject.

This dream world that I woke up in had a light green sky, the grass was purple, and the water ran a little orangeish. I was greeted by a purple pair of twin girls dressed in green polyester jumpsuits that had orange eyes (The orange eyes were kind of freaky!). They welcomed me to the Land of the Lost Sock, and ask if I was “THEE BIKER CHICK”.

Dazed and confused I told, “Some of my friends call me that.” The pair of purple girls got all excited jumping for joy, and each took a hand and led me down a green brick road. Meanwhile the thought of the “follow the yellow brick road” goes through my head. Not realizing it, I start humming the tune.
“Wow!” one of the purple girls shrieks,” That’s Ozzy’s favorite tune!”
“Who?” I ask.
“Ozzy! THEE MAN! That’s who were heading to see!”
“Okay”, I say and we continue down the green brick road.
Along the way we come to a sharp curve in the road where two bright blue do-do-like birds are sitting in a yellow tree. They turned out to be called twin tweedle birds, which always do everything together. They didn’t talk but their squawking in unison was quite annoying. I learned that there wasn’t many of them left because the Queen of Endive liked their vitals.
We continued on down the road, and started to come to a pink hut.
“This is Zee-Bart’s place! He’s a chilled dude!” One of the purple girls explained,” But we’ll come back later. He’s probably out catching some really knarly waves in the river.”

On down the road we continued, and we met a variety of colorful characters as we continued along. Among them was a black haired gal in a bright orange rain gear outfit who talked with a lisp. Her name was Crisp. She commented on my stylish dressing statement. Another character was a pink Lion with a slicked back gray mane who talked with a southern like accent and played music from what looked like a teal colored pickle. He kept referring to it as a slide and it sounded like a clarinet. Never did catch his name. Then there was Ralph who was an alligator wearing an orange cape and that had a persistent ticking. He had swallowed a clock and it was stuck in his intestines, but he didn’t seem to mind because it helped him to always be one time.

And then as we arrived at a HUGE lime green mansion I finally got to meet THEE MAN. He turned out to look like Kermit the frog casually wearing a sequined red vest, purple shades, with one silver earring of a bike hanging from his nose. He really needed to see me because I was the only one that could change his flat tire on his bike. Figures! I woke up before I changed the flat, and ask a whole lot of questions.

Strange dreams! And I can’t help to wonder what I’m doing to cause these. Oh, did I mention that I saw a job file from my work that I’ve been looking for about a month and a half? Or that I saw what I think was my other lost sock on THE MAN? He was wearing the orange and green BBTC sock I lost last week! All I can say is Strange! Is this a common side effect of something I’m doing to avoid the sickness? I would almost describe it as an acid trip of a dream.


  1. wow girlfriend! what the hell are you eating before bedtime? or smoking?

    can't wait to hear what Laura makes of this...

  2. I know it's no consolation, but every night for the past few weeks I've been having the weirdest dreams too!

  3. ....And here's
    Laura’s Dream Analists-

    As the lesser known "Dr Laura", I feel qualified to inform you that elements of your dream have given me a bit of relief.

    Obviously, your dream has some disturbing points to it but, in my educated, professional opinion, I would like to point out factoids that illustrate that you do, still, have a hold on to reality - albeit you are only holding on by one piece of purple colored grass... but still, in all, a sense of a grasp of reality does shine through...

    First, the one sock... anyone who has a fantastical dream about *not* losing a sock in the dryer has problems. Admitting to a lost sock does show a grasp of reality.

    Second, although most people re capable of dreaming in color, not all people are capable of doing so. The fact that your dream is in color raises a Red colored flag that you might have a brain. Statistically speaking, people with intelligence do dream in color much more often those with lesser mental capacity.

    Third, You have not lost your long term memory either - as the yellow brick road did turn green at one point in the actual movie - although no one remember that*at all*.

    Well, I could go on and on but then you would question my sanity....

    Have a nice weekend.