Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Coming Soon-- The Invite is Out for Dinner

It's a year since this picture of the "Tough Bunch" was taken at last year's Black Widow's Valentine's Dinner. In fact, this was the subject of my first post on the Allgood Life blog. We are about to meet again for another year of the Annual Black Widow's Valentines Dinner Party. The event 3 years ago was SO MUCH FUN that it's become an annual thing where I serve as the host.

For those of you that are not familiar with the "Black Widow's" here is a brief description... We are a group of single female friends that enjoy hanging out together. Most of us are Catholic but that's not a requirement. We have fun together and THAT'S what counts. I'm so looking forward to what the girls come up with this year. I'm always amazed at the amount of imagination that they all have. So the invite has been out for the dinner and it kind of describes the event in and of itself...
(here's a copy of the invitation)

You are invited to….
The Black Widow’s Valentine’s Dinner
Saturday, February 13th 2010
6 O’clock in the evening
Come to…..
Biker Chick’s Humble Abode

RSVP is appreciated.
(Please refer to enclosed sheet for more details-- which is shown here below...)

The Black Widow’s Valentine’s Dinner Memo:
TO: Guest
Subject: Not Required; But Reccomended!!

The following are not required but recommended for the Black Widow’s Valentine’s Dinner. It will certainly help to make it more fun and enjoyable evening for you.

Wear Black: Look like the Widow. Please try to look as sorrowful as you are able. There will be a small door prize for each individual that comes dressed for the part. Also, please consider that you may be asked to take a turn around the table to show-off how pitiful you look.

Bring a Picture: Bring a picture of your fictitious husband. You will earn an entry in the prize drawing for participating. I’m also very curious to see how nerdish or silly you second husbands are.
Have a Good Story: Have a good story of how your fictitious 3rd (or 4th for some of us) husband passed away. Please ladies make it interesting and humorous but not too long. Also, please consider that we will be trying to enjoy dinner while the telling of your story. Each one participating in this will earn another entry in the prize drawing. I’m very looking forward to the interesting ways your 3rd (or 4th) husbands were to arrive at the pearly gates.
Bring an Obituary: Bring a made up obituary for your fictitious 3rd (or 4th ) husband. Please bring it in written readable form, and it will be passed around for everyone to read for themselves, or if you prefer to dramatically read it to the group that’s also allowable. Again, you will earn an entry in the prize drawing.

Prizes! Prizes, and more prizes! This year I’ve stocked up on some good prizes. There’s a DVD, jewelry, skin care, make up, and various Avon items for you to take home with you.

Again, none of these are required to participate in the Dinner, but they are recommended. You may choose to participate in one or more of the above mentioned items. But please remember that all of this is done in the sense of fun, and please keep in mind that we will be consuming food. I thank you ahead of time for your participation in the Black Widow’s Valentine’s Dinner.


  1. I was single for so many years before I married Heinz, I wish we had this in my days, but then I was the only single one around..and hated Valentines Day...very lonely and depressing for me.

  2. Sounds like great fun! Hope you have a fantastic time! :o)

  3. Thanks ladies!
    It is a GREAT deal of fun!

    Part of the reason that I started doing this dinner party was because I always felt lonely and kind of left out on Valentine's Day. It's been rather interesting because

    I've even had married girlfriends that want to join in on the event but we've been limiting it to just us single gals!