Monday, February 22, 2010

A Brazilian Butt Lift in 30 Days?

This morning while Diane, myself and Diane’s neighbor are all in a row at our machines on comes this infomercial….”Yes, you too can have the perfect Brazilian Butt in 30 Days!?! It even comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!??..” And I think to myself…WTF?!

Of all the areas on my body where I want to have people checking me out….It’s NOT my behind! I would rather have people checking out my “headlights” than my “tail lights”!!

This infomercial is advertising itself as the “…Supermodels’ Secret to a Perfect Butt… and 90 days to the perfect butt…” It’s a 90 day workout that is on a set of three DVD’s. It will reduce you butt, then shape it, and then lift! I think to myself,”Oh to defy the laws of gravity!” I look at Diane’s neighbor and I say,” Don’t they have underwear that does the same thing for a WHOLE lot less effort?” We laugh and then a before picture comes on and Diane says,” Look it’s a picture of my butt!!” I almost want to high five her on that comment. We went on to comment that a great deal of the exercises that they were showing were very similar to those that we did back in Boot Camp. It should have been called "Booty" Camp!

It even showed a pencil test. A pencil test?!? You see, you put a pencil under your butt check and it’s not supposed to touch over the pencil and you can see a difference in as little as a week or so they advertise.

I can’t help but think that this is sad…Do people really fall for this stuff?!! Do they really purchase this stuff?!? Is our society such that we now have to have the perfect butt? I’m working out on a machine between two wonderful accomplished women who are not perfect in physical form and Lord knows I’m not in perfect form~! But I think this is sad because it feeds into self doubts that these women, and myself, may have about themselves. AND I can help but get MAD at the whole thing. It also makes me wonder about the society in which I live in, and really makes me glad that I don’t get TV in my home. I don’t want to invite this stuff into my home! And I hope quite a few of you out there are changing the channel when you see something like this… please don’t encourage them! Well, that’s my thoughts on the subject of the "Booty". Please feel free to make your own comments. I would love to hear.


  1. LOL at the pencil test... I could hold a dozen pencils IN A CASE under my butt cheeks... :o(

    *Back to the squats and lunges*

  2. that pencil test sure sounds like fun. let's include that at the end of our next workout. i'll bring pencils and a dozen magic markers too..

  3. Bearing in mind that I think all infomercial products are a crock and a waste of money BUT as to wanting a nicer looking or firmer butt..some people may well be dissatisfied with this area, and wish to improve for their own well-being/comfortability. It is no more right to scoff at someone who wants to do that than it is to scoff at someone who doesn't.

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