Thursday, August 12, 2010

Electronics & A Phoenix Vacation...

My alarm clock did not go off this morning as it should have; either that or I REALLY slept through it. So I missed my early morning run this morning which is probably a good thing since I’m still a little saddle sore from my Tuesday night Emigration Canyon ride.

My other electronic device that I’ve been having problems with is my phone. It’s been sometimes freezing up when I try to text. Could I have worn out the numbers on the phone? The phone is three years old and I’m overdue for getting a new one but I kind of like not being on a contract. Oh, there are my commitment issues coming up! Oh no! My other concern is that I may get hooked on a new fangled type of phone and end up paying more than what I should have. Though, I will admit that I would like to get one where I could check my email. (Other wise I just mainly have access to internet at the office during weekdays.) But I’ll probably give in and get a new phone the next time I’m at the Mall. (The last time was 4 months ago… The big shopper that I am!)

But on the good side, my NOOK has been working wonderfully!  I have now read 6 books on it and have downloaded another 35 on to it.  I will admit that it has been rather addicting.  I find quite often I will turn it on in any of my spare moments and be reading right along.  It was wonderful to have it on my recent short vacation, and I had no problems taking it through the airport security.

This last week I splurged and went on a short vacation to Phoenix. Yep! Phoenix during August--- a REAL HOT spot! Not the most ideal for a vacation.  But I met my friend Sal down there. He was attending a Plastic Models Convention. It was fun. We caught a couple of Diamondback games and just kind of hung out. I tell you I thought that cyclists were geeks but these people that do smaller scale models~ WOW! They are TOTAL geeks! Here are a few pictures from my Phoenix trip.
( A little siteseeing in downtown Phoenix-- notice no one else is out in the heat!)
(We- Myself & Sal, took a morning tour of Chase Field.   NOTE: Usually that roof is closed during games and it's air conditioned during the game. Below, I'm in the Dug Out!)

( Other Photos from the Tour of Chase Field- The front case where trophies are & yes, a tire in the wall- So those players can take out their frustration with their bat!)

(Above: For $3900 You TOO can watch the game from inside this pool!  Below: After the game on Friday night, there were fire works!  It only took 4 minutes to open the roof.)
(Above: Sal looking over some model tanks that are entered into a contest. Below: Some of the models that were also entered into the contest.)

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