Friday, September 10, 2010

Vacation with Mom in Omaha...

Yep, I went on another vacation.  This one was a bit longer than my last one and it was with my Mom.  We've discovered a few years ago that it was generally easier for us to get along if we met some where other than spending time on each other's territories.  So this year we decided to meet up in the big city of Omaha,NE.

Downtown Omaha Skyline at Night

I decided to divide up the drive there in two days and had a stop over for the night in Laramie.  I got there early enough to enjoy a bike ride before the sun went down.  I was surprised that for being such a small town that Laramie had so many bike laned/ share the road signs.  But then I realized that it was a college town and I guess that kind of made sense.  After exploring some of the town, I ended up about 5 miles out of town on a two lane highway with wide shoulder and some beautiful scenery.  Check it out....

Wonderful scenery outside of Laramie,WY

Some more of the Big Sky Country I rode my bike in.

The Sunset in Laramie,WY
The next day I ended up in Omaha at about 5PM in the afternoon.  Oooopps!  I'm trying to find my way through rush hour traffic.  Yeah, I didn't quite think this through as well as I should have.  In fact, I ended up getting lost because the traffic would not let me over to the exit I needed to use.  Needless to say I took the scenic round about way to the downtown hotel.  I called the hotel front desk and ended up with getting driving directions over the phone.  "Hello!  I'm a lost Utahn that's supposed to be checking into your hotel about now...But Darn It! I'm just a bit lost..." Laughter came across the other end of the phone.  Tony walked me through and I finally arrived at the hotel.

I'm going to share more about this trip with pictures because I think its more interesting than giving a blow by blow of my vacation.  So here's my trip in pictorial form.  Enjoy!

The highlights of the trip:

Joslyn Art Museum-
I was really looking forward to visiting this Art Museum, and it was not a disappointment.  I got to see 5 original Monet's, a Jackson Pollock, and I also happened upon a smaller Grant Wood painting that I have never seen.  Find out more about this museum by visiting their website -
Mom outside of Art Museum under sculpture near children's garden area.

Mom with Atrium in background.
A hanging glass balloon sculpture in the atrium.

Lauritzen Gardens-
This is Omaha's Botanical Center that boasts to having four seasons of beauty.  It had several different themed garden areas to enjoy.  Learn more about it at:
A sculpture in one of the garden areas at Lauritzen Gardens.

Mom at the entrance of the Victorian Garden.

Me with the aromatic Rose Garden in the background.
The Train Garden with operating model trains~!

Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge-
The bridge from the side-- it's 3000 ft long and crosses over the Missouri River.
The view from the bridge of the Missouri River.

Mom on the Bridge.

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