Monday, November 8, 2010

Running with the Dogs & Chasing Tail...

A BEAU-ti-ful Saturday morning with highs predicted to be in the low 70's.  It was hard to believe that it was the first Saturday in November.  It was a perfect day for the Squatter's Chasing Tail 5K Run at Wheeler Farm.  A fun event where it helps raise funds for Therapy Animals of Utah. 

Wheeler Farm's large barn and pretty Fall color in the background as people & dogs moved towards the start of the run.

I couldn't help but introduce myself and pet a few of the furry friends prior to the 5K.  All of them people and dogs would be running along with me on the 5K.  Some of the four legged friends got along well, and others caused some barking and growls but those were few.  There were all sizes of furry friends from the very small to the larger breed of dog. 

All breeds of dogs and sizes.

Look at this cute little one!

Twins even! And check out the Fall color!
I was loving it!  All the benefits of being around all these dogs with NONE of the clean up.  I picked up my goody bag and was a little disappointed that the tech shirt this year was orange.  ORANGE??!!  The runners got orange shirts the volunteers got green shirts. 

At the start- orange shirts for runners and green shirts for volunteers.
I got near the back of the mass start and slowly built up my speed as the run went along.  I was pleasantly surprised when I reached the 1 mile water mark and the gal with the stop watched who was calling out the time said," 11:23!"  I was zooming right along!  Nice!  I crossed the finish line while it said 37:48 and I was pleased!  It's only 9 seconds short off a full minute quicker than my run time of last year.  Slowly but surely I'm getting faster!   
I thought this little boy was just adorable!  He was wearing Dad's coat!

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