Monday, December 6, 2010

Rearranging- Third Times the Charm~!

The weekend project was accomplished.  I managed to get the Christmas tree up.  It only took three attempts of rearranging my living room.  First the rocking chair was moved to my bedroom, and I stood the undecorated tree in that corner.  It just didn't feel right there.  So then, I moved the chair and table with lamp from the other corner.  Nope, that wasn't working out.  There was too much space.  Then, it was the final attempt in front of the window.  I moved furniture just a bit here and there to leave room to open the sliding glass door.  I also had to move my only plant- a snake plant (the only plant I haven't killed!)  So here's where it is this year and I even put a new set of lights on the balcony.  Nice!
Now it feels Christmas-y!
Here's a close up of my musical Christmas tree!

I also decided to move the peacock feather Christmas tree that was a present from Mum to a table other than the dining room table like I usually do.

Peacock Christmas Tree  up close.