Friday, May 20, 2011

A Quick Weigh In & An Art Show...

The scale stuck tightly with the same weight as last week.  I'm still down 19 lbs. and still have 13 more to go.  It's a bit of a stalemate I suppose.  I will admit that with the rainy weather we've been getting a great deal of late I didn't get the exercise I usually do.  I just barely managed to get to the top of the Emigration Canyon ride on Tuesday night before it started getting a bit rainy on the way down.  And it was chilly on top of it!  Last night it was rainy again and I ended up at the gym last night.  I ran 3.25 miles on the treadmill and then "cooled down" on the elliptical for 25 minutes.  The cramp came back but it was after almost 3 miles running.  I ran a mile then did some stretches, and then ran more.  I'm thinking that maybe I just need to do a bit more stretching with my runs in the future.

Tonight is the opening for the 3rd Annual Gallery Roll 2011.  It's a Bike Art Show that takes place at a local bike shop; The Salt Lake City Bike Company in downtown Salt Lake City.  Bike and Art my two favorite things combined.  What fun!  The show is kind of unofficially a part of the Salt Lake City Gallery Stroll, and it's also kind of part of the Salt Lake City Bike to Work Week.  Then, May is national bike month too.  I was in this art show two years ago with my Halloween Bike painting.  This year, I have three of my paintings that were accepted into the show; one oil painting and two watercolors. 
Here's one of them.... 
"Shadow Cycling Chalk Creek Canyon", watercolor on paper.

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