Friday, July 29, 2011

No Change & Things I've Done...

No change in the losing weight this week, but I did stumble upon an interesting fact this last week while I was perusing through old journals. I now weigh the same as what I did when I started working my current job almost 8 years ago. Depending on how you look at it, that could be a good thing or a lot of work to get back to the same place you were at one time. I personally think it’s a good thing because everyone else I work in the office with has slowly gained over the years. I feel in my own right I’m fighting against that nasty secretary’s spread that I could be susceptible to normally in my employment position. Oh, the risks of being a glorified secretary!

I’ve been brainstorming about a bucket list this last week. I, of course, got online and did a bit of research to get some ideas. I’ve been amazed by how many websites are based on or about bucket lists. I was almost overwhelmed by all the ideas I got. I ended up with about 3 chicken scratched pages of ideas that I wrote down. I want to narrow them down and organize them some what before I display them here. I’m thinking within the next week or so I’ll have something displayed here.

But what I also found rather interesting while I was going over all these bucket lists were all the things that I’ve done or tried in my life. I really have managed to live and find the joy in my life for the most part. Here’s a quick list of 25 that I put together…(I'm not living a fish bowl that's for sure)

Things I’ve done that might be on a Bucket List

1. Running- 5K, 10K, half marathon’s

2. Cycling- Metric Centuries and whole Centuries (8 Centuries in one year)

3. 70.3 Iron Man (Noncompetitive Slow Salty Dog Tri)

4. Water skiing

5. Sailing

6. Backpacking expedition

7. Yurting

8. Bungee Jumping

9. Rode in a helicopter

10. Indoor Skydiving (a surprise birthday present!)

11. Been part of a hockey fight (I would not recommend.)

12. Eaten caviar (Not impressed with it!)

13. Got hypnotized (I don’t remember the stupid stuff I did!)

14. Milked a cow (Look out 8 Maids-a-milking!)

15. Spent a night in a hostel (and LIVED!)

16. Crashed a party(s) - (I was an Olympian in college at this!)

17. Thrown a surprise party and had it actually be a surprise

18. Jumped in a pool with my clothes on

19. Learned (sort of) belly dancing (took classes for almost a year)

20. Done karaoke
(One step up- Kamikaze Style- my friends chose the songs and surprise you are singing this!)

21. Held Art shows of my art (private & at a friend’s studio)

22. Sold some of my art (which I think is pretty cool!)

23. Tried Yoga (some may remember this post- BOOT CAMP Day 11)

24. Spur of the moment road trip- to have lunch with a friend (drove 4 hours each way to & fro)

25. Gone places---

Pikes Place Market in Seattle
Vegas Strip
Disney World
Universal Studios
Magnificent Mile in Chicago
Sears Tower in Chicago
Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago
(among other hi-lights of Chicago)
Redwood National Forest
Crater Lake
oh and ...
Yuma, Arizona's International Airport with it's 3 outdoor gates!


  1. Well, I'm impressed that you've gotten back to the same weight that you were 8 years ago--I'm working on it!!

    You took belly dancing? Cool! That sounds fun, but I'd be afraid to try.

  2. Actonbell,
    Thanks! I was VERY pleased to learn about being the same weight as 8 years ago.

    I was surprised plesantly with the belly dancing on how sensual and liberating it can be. The woman that taught my class was at least 250 lbs plus but she was SO graceful and sensual when she danced. She always focused on each woman has her own inner beauty and to allow it to show. I would recommend every female to try it at sometime in her life. And it was fun because it was like having a girls night out! You should try it!