Friday, January 6, 2012

Looking Back & Thinking...

"Man in the Window"; Watercolor on 9" x 9" Paper done by me as a study in use of light.

The old year is over and the new one is just starting out.  It’s always interesting to look back over the year and see where and what you’ve done.  I’ve managed most of my goals for this last year and I’m still playing with some ideas of the goals for this New Year.  I'm thinking about what I want for my goals for this New Year. But first, here’s the review of the goals for this last year….

1.)    Save More Money! 
I did save more than the previous year but not as much as I had set out to do originally at the beginning of the year.  I think I had set out too unrealistically high of a savings goal and didn’t leave any room for those things that happen in life and the occasional need to splurge every now and then.  But even with all of that and some car repairs, I still managed to save about 70% of my original savings goal for the year which isn’t too shabby at all.  Early in September, I sat down and looked at the savings goal and made some adjustments accordingly.  I’m thinking I’ll keep up that new improved somewhat more feasible pace of savings for the New Year.

2.)    Finding More of a Balance Between Cycling and Running-
As I look over the post it notes that I kept track of my monthly stats, I see that I did improve this last year with trying to maintain more of a balance between the two.  Overall, I didn’t do as much mileage on the bike which sometimes I found a bit of a challenge.  Also, I think that a rainy Spring helped out with the balance issue too.  But I tell you I have been loving some of this warmer weather that’s been happening the last two weeks.  I’ve gotten in about 80 miles in, and this is late December & early January.  I went out this last Monday and I felt like I was cycling during the month of October.  Oh, but I bet the local skiers are NOT loving this!

3.)    Do 1 Century on the Bike. 
Never did quite do this one and the two times I attempted it were unplanned failures.  One time I was riding and later discovered I was riding the 45 miles I did do with the brake rubbing hard on the back tire.  The other time, my body broke down at the 75 mile marker and I had to turn around early.  And then, after all of that, I just wasn’t in to doing the whole Century thing.  I sometimes question whether I really want to push myself enough to do another one.  A few years back I did 8 Centuries in a year, and since then I’ve kind of been burned out on them.  I seem to love going anywhere between 60 to 75 miles and having enough energy to do something else in the day.  I don’t think that I’ll put this as a goal for the next year.

4.)    Be More Weight Conscious! 
I think I did very well on this one and I did manage to lose and keep off 22 lbs. total over the year.  I still have about 11 lbs. (as of weigh in this morning) that I would like to lose.  But I feel healthier and have had several comments that I’m looking good.  I would like to get down to my goal weight for this next year.

5.)    Commute more or Walk More to Work.
I didn’t do so well on this one.  Between rainy weather and colder weather, I kind of turned into a whimp.  Perhaps, I’ll toughen up and do more this next year?  We’ll see!

6.)    Finish the 100 Salt Lake City Porches Art Project. 
DONE!  I finished No. 100 the last week of the year.  In fact, #100 will makes its debut at the art
show that I am currently getting ready to do this Jan.14th.  Click here and you can scroll thru the 99
 porches to see the progression.  I really can see how my painting has improved over the year.  I
 also have been amazed at the response during the project and it’s been fun meeting all these porch owners!

7.) Narrow Down the Clutter in my life. 
I did managed to make a few trips to the good will but there still is a few places in my one bedroom apartment that could use some work but the last couple of months I’ve been rather over ran with the remnants of the 100 Salt Lake City Porches Art Project.  But I will say at least it’s not ALL 100 that were in my small apartment, just mainly the about 76 that I haven’t sold.  BUT I have hope for a couple more at least to be sold during the show.

That how the year went and I want to think about what my goals will be for the next year.  But in the meantime, here are the Stats for the year….
302.50 miles running
  2307 miles cycling
  11.2 miles swimming
  44 hours and 19 minutes on the elliptical
  58 Books Read! 

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  1. I'm impressed, esp. with the weight loss and the 58 books. Great job, congratulations!