Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday - Check In Report!

This morning I got on the scale and found I was teetering between 12 and 13 lbs. to go to my goal.  I wasn't surprised by the 13 more to go because that's what I was a couple of days ago.  But it was nice to see the scale trying to decide what to tell me; the blasted insensitive, indecisive piece of work that it is.  AND it seems to be going in the right direction but time will tell. 

I will say that I've been working for it and in the last week I've really added some stats together in the workout department.  Check these out....
10.2 miles running
28 miles cycling
45 minutes on elliptical

I did do a bit more running because the weather this last weekend was very windy and not conducive to cycling.  There were gusts up to 70mph and I can't imagine staying up right on a bike in that situation.  So instead on Saturday afternoon, I found myself testing my new running shoes on the treadmill at the gym.  So far, so good; I managed to run a little over 5.25 miles in one shot and no blisters or soreness.  In fact, the new running shoes feel lighter than air while I was running. If I do say that is a very nice feeling.

My cycling buds- Lynda & Diane a couple of weekends ago on a ride.
I also managed to commute into work on the bike twice this week.  Nice!  This weekend looks like the weather is going to be good and I hope to get about 70+ miles on the bike.  I'm thinking if this nice weather continues that I may get bike rides in the evenings and see about going to a local park for some early morning runs.  That would be a definite boost to reaching that weight goal.  That's IF i can get my sorry a$$ out of bed early in the mornings.  Since I've stopped going to those early morning Pilates classes, I've been sleeping in.  Always something to work on, I guess.  Well, that's the Friday Check In Report!  Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Bravo!! (you're making me feel lazy.)

    1. Actonbell,
      Thanks but please don't feel guilty or lazy. I'm just CRAZY and probably need to learn moderation. Thanks for your comment!