Thursday, August 20, 2009

Not Drowning & a 10 Min. Mile...

Well, I wasn't a drowning victim last night during my Wednesday swim training session. I am however drinking more than my fair share of chlorinated pool water. Ugh! It was my first training since the panic attack that I had last week. I got to the pool a little sooner than normal and there were more open lanes(the master swimmers hadn't showed up yet), with---now get this--SLOW swimmers like me! Wow! I managed to get in a lane with two other slow swimmers, and it worked out pretty well. I swam my 1/2 mile in about 28 minutes. Of course, I still need to work on my crawl stroke that goes without saying. My breast stroke is getting better and better. I even did a little work on my back stroke without running my head into the wall; wonders never cease!

But what really has gotten me all pumped up today was this morning's run. I decided to take a lap this morning and go as quickly as I could manage. I timed myself and I actually ran a 10 Minute Mile! WOW! I was surprised, and I tend to wonder if I might have done a little better but I kept on having to pull up the capris that I was running in. With all the inches I have lost, I found myself having to safety pin the waistline this morning. I continued to run the lap, and periodically would grab with one hand (or the other) pulling my pants up. I'll tell you this is not an easy feat. I don't want to even imagine how this was appearing to others that were running/walking/biking at the park this morning. Or the effect it may have had on the young University of Utah ROTC that were working out. " Hmmmm... must be a new workout? A pants fire drill?" But all that stuck with me---- a 10 MINUTE MILE!! YAHOO! I'm getting faster!

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  1. GReat Job Jeanne! Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!