Monday, July 27, 2009

Ancient Chinese Secret....?

An old man looks solemnly onto his new recruit,
" Apprentice Grasshoppa, you have much to learn but let me tell you this ancient Chinese secret. The key to a quick recovery is plenty of stretching, water, and a good soak in a bath tub, preferably with Epsom salts.”

“Yes, Master Kemoswabi!”

Well, I survived another “Mini” Triathlon with my friend Diane. These have been fun to do at a slower and relaxed pace. We started our slow little triathlon at 7AM in the parking lot of Steiner Pool. We started with the bike ride, and we started to do a little climbing up towards the zoo. But soon we needed to turn around because Diane’s legs were not up to climbing after doing a 9 mile run the day before. Go figure! And here I thought I was the only Nuts-zoid! Well, we turned around and I lead the way for a flatter route. After about 11 miles, Diane was ready to head back but I was on fire to push myself some more. I had just come off of a day of rest; so I went on a little further and ended up getting 27 miles in. Diane was wonderful that she was willingly to wait until I got back from my little bit further bike ride.
(Photo: Myself and Diane before the bike ride.)

Well, the pool was not opened up yet. So we decided to go ahead and do the run after the biking. Even though, I was a little bit leery of having the swim at the end again. (I drank too much chlorinated water the last time.) But off on the run we went. Diane was the smart one. She turned around and did 2.6 miles. But me?!? Well, I was still “on fire” and I had to push it! I did 5 miles, and that was surpassing my longest run by a ½ mile. Not too shabby, but I did discover that it’s easier to run on a slight downhill than to run back up that same hill. (I wonder what Master Kemoswabi would have to say about this, hm?) I ended up walking about 4 blocks of the way back up the hill.

Diane was already enjoying the refreshing pool by the time I finished the run. In fact, she mentioned that she was about ready to come out and check on me. But oh, my brain was not operating at any kind of optimum, and my legs were a bit like noodles by this time. I stretched really well after the run. Finally after the third trip back and forth between the car and the pool, I had everything I needed. You know, I think there maybe a good correlation between hard exercise and dumbness!

The swim went relatively well which surprised me. It was easier this time; a good sign. Also, I didn’t drink as much pool water and I didn’t feel like I had 20 lb weights on my arms. Diane managed to do ¾ mile swim while I splashed my way through ½ mile. I need some more practice on my strokes. They are a bit sloppy to say the least. I might have to see about a class.

On the way home, I called Mom to let her know, again, that I didn’t die of a heart attack from the “mini” triathlon. Then, I calorie splurged on a Whopper with cheese and onion rings at Burger King drive thru. After snarfing down the fast food, I stretched some more. Then there was some more stretching, drinking of water, and a nice hot bath. In one triathlon book, it was mentioned to soak in a tub of hot water and Epsom salt. Well, I didn’t think table salt would fit the bill; so instead I added some lovely raspberry scented bubble bath. Then after the bubble bath, I did some more stretching.

Well, I’m feeling relatively good today. I think I might have discovered an “ancient Chinese secret”? At least I can hope that I've discovered a way to recover relatively quickly? But I’m taking it easy today, just in case. On another note, so far this month I've biked 364 miles, ran 16.25 miles, walked 6 miles, and swam 2 miles. Sheesh! That's a lot!

“Let me tell you something else, Grasshoppa.”
“Yes, Master Kemoswabi?”
“Woman on fire… you let her go and allow her to suffer the consequences. Do not get in the way. Otherwise, you risk life and limb.”
“A good thing to know, Master Kemoswabi!”

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