Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A BEAU-ti-ful Sunday Bike Ride!!

This last Sunday was a gorgeous day, and Chalk Creek is a beautiful area to ride a bike. I went out on a BCC (Bonneville Cycling Club) Ride. I rode with a couple of my Tri-buds and a new friend. Diane, Sofia, (the Tri-buds), Kim (new to cycling), and myself took it at a nice easy pace. Chalk Creek is a dead-end box canyon that has rolling hills. A couple of the hills are large and combined with the rollers can be a challenge to new cyclists but both Sofia, and Kim did very well. It took some doing but we even managed to get Kim to admit that she's "AWESOME!" towards the end of the ride. I was enjoying the easier pace--- in fact, we were bringing up the rear of the group of riders. But it gave me plenty of time to take plenty of pictures. But anyway, here's some pictures for you to enjoy....
(Photos: At top-Kim~alias~Ms.AWESOME,--Next-The Three-Sofia, Kim, & Diane,
Next 2 Below-A couple of scenery shots, More Shots- us with more scenery, Below that- At turn around point with Geo-Cache Box, Then- Another scenery with us.)

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