Monday, July 13, 2009

A Riddle...a Porcupine, a Maraca, and a Danish flag?

What do these have in common?
Well, this last Saturday they were all part of the Porcupine Hill Race. It's a bicycle race that races from the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon to the Brighton Ski Resort at the top. It can be a grueling climb to ride to the top (as I can attest from experience), and the idea of racing to the top is a HUGE test of strength, endurance, and ability. The individuals that do this are amazing athletes in my book. This is the second time that I've joined Bee to cheer on Peter and other BCC racing members to the top.

I was a little leery of the race going on when I woke up and saw the clouds but they seemed to clear a little and did provide a nice cover for the racers as the day went on. I met up with Bee, Peter's brother, and Sister-in-law. The four of us gather in one car to follow Peter up the canyon and cheer him on, and other BCC (Bonneville Cycling Club) racers. I, of course, not having a cow bell, grabbed my maraca to make a little noise. Though, in hind sight I wonder if it made the racers think that a rattle snake was following them up the canyon. Maybe, I need to rethink what I bring next year. (Photo: Our Look Out Man on top of the rock.)
(Photo below: Bee and Peter before the Race.)
We went up to the "rock" a point where Peter knew we would be to cheer him on. We met other friends, and even had a "look out". As soon as Peter started coming up by us we started to cheer and Peter's brother got out the Danish flag and chased Peter along. Then we all jumped in the car to follow, pass the group he was riding in and pulled off to the side to cheer them on some more. We also cheered on Liam, and Adam too; fellow BCC racers that were close to Peter. (Photos: Peter in the middle of the pack, Peter close up during the Race.)

One other rider in the group with Peter yelled that he wish he had a "Fan Club". Peter later told us that he told the guy that he had to pay a princely sum for his "Fan Club". Breakfast for all afterwards at Sliver Fork Lodge. Later, I told Peter I would prefer to be called a "Groupie". (Photos: Adam during the Race, Liam during the Race)

We continued following Peter and his group all the way to the finish line. Liam who had been in front of Peter had his chain get stuck as he was within yards of the finish line, and ended up walking his bike across the finish line. I'm sure it was a disappointment for him, but I thought it said a great deal about his character that he continued to the finish line regardless of the obstacle. A group of fellow BCC cyclists helped him work on repairing his bicycle so he could ride down the canyon. Adam came across the finish line shortly after Peter. (Photos: Peter crossing the finish line, Bee and Peter after the race, Fixing Liam's bike)

Peter had beat his time from last year, and last I heard he had finished third for his age category(Master's 55+). Way to go Peter! But really congrats to all of the BCC racers that finished the ride!!

(Photos: Peter and Adam after the Race, Adam after the Race)
And I had a REALLY good breakfast at Sliver Fork Lodge. THANKS Peter!! It was a good day!

P.S. I couldn't resist taking a picture of this little boy on his bike. He was just too cute! What do you think, future racer material?

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