Thursday, January 6, 2011

50/50 Dieting & a "little" OCD…

Since Monday, I’ve been trying to be good as far as my diet. I’ve been trying to stick to 1200 calories per day plan. I’ve managed that about half of the days so far. Not a real good start. My hardest challenges have been—food brought in at work and late in the evenings at home by myself. Yesterday one of the guys at work ( a lot of us at work refer to him as Martha Stewart) brought two full slabs of slow cooked pork ribs with bottles of BBQ sauce to enjoy. It made my planned lunch pale in comparison. Besides, how could I pass up a free lunch of pork ribs? I did however limit myself to three ribs with about 3 tbsp. of very spicy hot BBQ sauce. Yum!

The other side issue of late evenings at home alone? I get bored and I’m one of those that eat when I’m bored. To this end, I’ve tried to stay busy trying working on my 100 Salt Lake City Porches Painting Project. I’ve also been trying to use the rest of the yarn that I got to make knitted wash cloths that I gave out for Christmas gifts. I have two large half spools of Sugar’n Cream yarn. I’ve now knitted 8 dish cloths in the last week. I have the feeling that these wash cloths are going to turn into birthday presents for the next few months. Either that or SURPRISE! You are getting a present just BECAUSE!

But even with keeping myself busy with painting and knitting, I’ve dangerously wandered into the kitchen late in the evening. I have had low fat yogurt on hand just in case but you can only eat SO much yogurt; and I’ve never been fond of fruit. Hmmm… so I’m thinking that I may try to drink a whole 8oz. glass before I actually eat anything. Maybe that will help

Another possibility for the evenings…I checked out the gym at my apartment’s club house. I was surprised they had what looked like a new treadmill & elliptical machines. Nice! Also, a new flat screen TV in the upper corner. I’m planning on visiting there a couple nights a week; instead of going to the 24 Hour Fitness gym with Diane in the wee hours of the morning. (Sorry, Diane!) My gym membership expired and I can’t seem to bring myself to pay for another year. Yep, I’m being a cheapskate! But I really want to work on saving money too. (Another New Year’s Goal!)

The OCD? This morning I was trying to locate a certain black turtle neck sweater in my closet. I was getting rather frustrated. And thinking I REALLY needed to work on one of my New Year’s goals of “Uncluttering my Life”. So when I should have been getting ready for work, I found myself organizing my closet. All the dresses on one end; all the skirts next to them. Then, I put all the short sleeve shirts together and the long sleeves together. Tonight if I get in the really OCD mood I may put everything according to colors.  OH MY!!

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  1. Well, I think you sound like a whirling dirvish of activity. And sticking to such a low calorie intake half the time sounds downright motivated to me! You don't have to diet every single day, ya know, that's how people get burned out on--anything. I say, Good Job!