Saturday, May 9, 2009


Two gals on the same day! On the same day? Yes, on the same day! Laura and Katie's birthdays are on the same day. Talk about a double dose. (Photo: Laura and Katie with the Birthday Cake.)

Laura had invited us over for cake, ---my Lemon Poppy seed cake with Lemon Cream cheese frosting. Which somehow it became a neccessity that I had to make. Well, I just assumed it was just for Laura's birthday that we were meeting for cake, but no it was Katie's birthday the next day too! (Photo below: Katie trying to blow the candle out a second time.)

Well, Laura ended up with the big haul of presents; but we weren't supposed to bring anything. Except me the cake and Susan the coffee maker with decaf coffee (which was really a half regular and half decaf). Well, we didn't know any better! (Photo below Cindy, Katie, and Em enjoying cake and company.)

And thus, Ms. Laura made out like a bandit! (Photo: Laura with her self portrait. The one up-side down version is supposed to be a reflecting pose--Em's idea- You don't want to give that gal TOO much coffee!)
Well, we started out with the gals and the cake, as should any bit of birthday celebration. Two gals, two candles was the equation. But Katie had a candle that just didn't want to go out. So she had to try to blow it out a second time. Then we all partaked of some cake, strawberries, whipped cream, and beverages as we had fun socializing.
(Photos: At right- Flowers, herbs, and cards that Laura received. At left- Laura with her "Re-cycle-Men" Flower. Below- All of us listening to a story by Laura.)

Then it was present time! We gathered up all the packages and Laura opened each one. She received flowers, herb plants for her garden, incense, candles, diffusers, and a painting of herself.

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