Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gift Card Day!!

Two friends and a year's collection of giftcards! What do you do?!!? Well, we made it into an interesting spending spee! The rules? Well, everything is SUPPOSED to be spent on giftcards. That was the original idea of it. Let's use them cards!

Well, we started off by buying some Diet Cokes for our journey downtown. Laura had not had a chance to check out my Halloween Bike Ride painting hanging down at the Salt Lake City Bike Company's bike shop downtown. So thus, we headed downtown Salt Lake City first.

Well, this is where we ran into our first snag! Unfortunately, the Salt Lake City's parking meters do not take Visa. Darn it!! So, we ended up breaking the rule and put a little change into the meter.

Then, after checking out my painting and the other art at the bike shop we were off to the true heart of the shopping spee! Shopko! Starbucks! Target! Sports Authority! From downtown we headed south and managed to hit all of these places within short distances of each other. It really worked out well.

The other giftcard day rule was to figure out to spend the whole amount of the giftcard without going over. Well, we managed to get pretty darn close but no right on the dollar amounts. I had to grab $.17 out at Sports Authority, and the cashier at Shopko got a $.35 tip. (We are such BIG spenders!)

We got some pretty good stuff and had fun with the challenges of spending all those giftcards. Lotions, cards, socks, t-shirts, cups of coffee & tea, pastries, a pair of shoes, a pair of pants, and a really nice sitdown dinner at an Italian restaurant in Sandy. When we were done, it was past Laura's bedtime and we were both felt like we just experienced a Christmas Day in May. It was fun and I look forward next year's giftcard day. Oh, and by the way, if you get me any presents this next year give me giftcards! Thanks!

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