Sunday, May 17, 2009

My 15 minutes of fame?

Yes, I can
now say
that I've
my 15 min. of fame!?! ?
Maybe, a little less than that, and the really bad thing is that I tried on 5 different outfits to look good-but-not-too-good for those 15 min.! Yes, I will admit I was a bit nervous on what to expect. Just a bit! I mean this is kind of a different event and all around I didn't know what to expect. I teasingly asked a co-worker what do you wear at a "Gallery Roll" at a bicycle shop? He answered,"A bike jersey and a formal skirt!" But I really wasn't sure what to expect. I mean it was one of my paintings hanging a bike shop for 2 weeks, with an opening night. Oh, and did I mention that the painting was used on the main page of the Salt Lake City Gallery stroll too! ( ).(Photo: Myself with the "Halloween Bike Ride")

Well, I got there right at 6pm when the event was supposed to start arriving with a friend that managed to keep me on the "even-keel". Thanks, VanD! There were all ready quite a few people there, and I guess I missed a friend that had all ready stopped by. Then, I guess that Mary, the Popette, had all ready shown up at the shop to supervise where they were hanging my piece of art. She was so excited and proud.

There were quite a few friends that showed up to show their support, and a few that could gave me a call on the phone to see how I was doing. Thank you all! I was amazed at the amount of people. It was a nice steady flow through out the whole night. Well, the "Gallery Roll" will be up until June 1st. So if you didn't get a chance, swing by and check it out. The Salt Lake City Bike Company shop is located at 2nd South and 2nd East. There are several wonderful pieces of bicycle art to view. For some of the art, there are 11" x 17" prints that are available of quite a few works and most of them are about $13, and 40% of those funds go towards the bicycle charity that the artist chose.

As for me, fame was fleeting at best anyway, and I would rather go back to blending in with the crowd! Well, if I can!

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