Friday, September 18, 2009

Heading Down That Home Stretch...

It's about 1 week now until the SLOW SALTY DOG Tri. Now it's down to a point where I hope that I've trained enough to survive the event. I've got a little more training planned for this weekend but after that it's all about tapering off, and resting.

Last night, Diane and I were out figuring out the last little bit of the route for bike and the run. I think it's a good course with some nice scenery through the Salt Lake Valley to enjoy as we do the event. There are plenty of access to store stops and parks with water and restroom facilities. I'm planning on having my cell phone with me during the event just in case. But now we are heading down that home stretch, details have been taken care of as much as possible, and it's time to start taking it easy. The end of the road is in site, and I find myself getting a bit nervous.

As of Saturday afternoon, I'm treating myself to a little vacation time up in Park City. Some down time and relaxing sounds good. I'm hoping that the higher elevation will help me on the SLOW SALTY DOG Tri. Higher elevation and thinning air and all? I'm not sure what effect if any it will have but hey I wouldn't complain for any little bit of help that I can get.

I'm also hoping that a little vacation time will help take my mind off the upcoming event too. A little bait-n-switch for the mind? We shall see if this works to help keep my nerves in line. It's not as though I'm frazzled but this kind of feels like the day before my first century on a bike. (A friend had talked me into the century the day before.) It's that anticipation working on me. It's like before Christmas with that anticipation where you worry if you got the right sweater for your Aunt Betty. It's that mixed feeling with a bit excitement and a bit of fear but you've put thought into the sweater, and you hope it's her favorite color, and you hope it fits just right. It's sort of like that, and this may not be the best analogy but you kind of get the picture.

So tomorrow morning, I'm planning an easy going 25 mile ride then one more long swim. Then Sunday, another 20 mile bike ride and a 5 mile run. Then I might do a little walking/sightseeing around Park City, and of course, a bit of leisurely swimming and hot tubing. Ahhhhh! Now that sounds real good!

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