Tuesday, September 8, 2009

To Lance or Not to Lance?

That's the question, as I sat Sunday afternoon on my love seat staring down a couple of good sized blisters on the bottom inner insole of both my feet. OUCH!

I did 11 miles-- 8.5 miles running and 2.5 miles walking on Sunday morning. I felt really good during the run except for this darn feeling that I had a pebbles in my shoes. At mile 6, I took the shoes off and looked for those darn pebbles. It was just a mild irritant and I could not find any pebbles--- so, on went the shoes and the running, then walking continued.

You know it's rather funny. These blisters did not actually hurt until after the run when I took my shoes and socks off and discovered them. Is my brain short circuited? I should have maybe been screaming "Bloody Murder" all along the run? Or was I just so high off of the exercise endorphins that I couldn't feel any pain? Hmmm, that's some food for thought at the very least.

So any way, when I got home I immediately got my Home Remedies book out, and looked up blisters. Well, this is where I ran into the question--whether to lance or not to lance the blister. It turns out that there's some controversy on whether it should be done. And I couldn't even remember the last time I had a blister. Years in which I forgot what to do. So I try to call some friends that are runners, and various others with some degree of medical knowledge. I was having a hard time because it's Labor Day Weekend and mostly everyone I knew was out of town for the weekend. So, I turned to one that I KNEW would have the answer. MOM!! Mom's have the answers and I knew that they never steer you wrong.

The verdict? LANCE! These blisters were large enough. I guess that size really does matter! The smaller blisters you allow to heal naturally but the larger ones you lance. Mom told me to get a nice clean needle or pin, make sure it's dipped in rubbing alcohol, and prick the blister to drain it. "Make sure you have a clean cotton ball or towel handy to absorb the liquid, " Mom emphasized," and don't prick it on the edges keep it to the middle." Another thing was to leave the "roof" as it's referred to; that top skin of the blister intact as much as possible. This promotes the growth of new skin cells, and keeps out infection. That's good to know.

Before I lanced or pricked, I decided it was best to treat to a good dinner before being stuck not wanting to walk. So I did some take out at the local Olive Garden. Yum, yum! After dinner, I got all the supplies and well, did the "deed", and I lived!

Shortly after that, I received a call from a friend that was a former runner. They suggested future ways of avoiding blisters--- because let's face it, I still have almost a month more of training. There's a couple of options---Vaseline smeared lightly all over your feet or foot powder on you feet and around inside your sock.

Today, Tuesday, my feet are doing much better. Thanks to some extra cushioned socks, and foot powder; I'm managing through the day in my comfy Disneyland Crocs. The blister on the right foot, which was a bit smaller--1"x.5", is almost totally healed. The blister on my left foot, which was larger--2"x.5", is healing nicely, and almost there. Early this morning, I managed through a swim training. It's rather nice; don't need to worry about being on the feet for this. The real test will be the bike ride up Emigration Canyon tonight. Yah, I'm crazy!

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