Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sleep-Walking & Eating My Veggies...

I have really felt good that I managed to finish the SLOW SALTY DOG. That was an accomplishment. How many people can say that they've swam 1.2 miles, biked 56 miles, and run/walk 13 miles in one day? Well, maybe there's quite a few people that could claim that but not everyone...

That's a full day! Whew! And here I am, still feeling that full day three days later. I feel as though I'm sleep walking. I have this overwhelming tiredness that just won't be shook. I have had to cancel doing things with friends, and I haven't even began to see about a swim, a run, or a bike ride. I'm dozing and about drooling at my desk at work. Why consider anything else?

I went to bed by 8:30PM last night. That's something that I haven't done in a LONG time. I tend to stay up until 11-12 midnight then turn around and get up at 4-5AM. I don't really sleep. I'm always going and going and once in awhile darn it I HAVE to rest in that furniture that's called a bed. Okay, I'll say it... I'm an insomniac!

But none of this has prepared me to be almost the complete opposite which has now happened since the Tri. How many days does it take to get back ... 3, 4, 5? I hope soon! This rather feels like that first day of Lent when I give up the coffee, chocolate, and caffeine. But I've been enjoying all of that good stuff since the Tri. Or it kind of reminds me of that last bit of lingering mono that I had years ago. It's like my giddy-up and go has gone kaput! What's up with that?

I've been eating more balanced meals with vegetables and salads since the Tri. I also have tried to consume more water too. But any of you that know me know that I'm rather picky when it comes to veggies and I consider a salad okay but given the choice; no thanks. I've never had what most people would consider a well-balanced diet. Gee, I'll consume a bag of microwaved popcorn as lunch, and would consider that a meal. I always just figured that was why vitamins were created. I know that's really bad of me.

That could maybe explain why I might not have done better on the SLOW SALTY DOG Tri. Though, I did consume plenty of simple carbs the night before, AND water. In my defense, I will say that in the last couple of years, I have added more veggies, fruit juices, and even some fresh fruit to my diet. Yep, I was the kid that sat at that dinner table all night because I didn't want to finish those soggy peas and I couldn't control my gag reflex to consume any of that liver...Ugh! Thus, the next morning, I was still seated at the dinner table. Some might say I was a bit stubborn. Hmmm? Maybe so, or I guess I could be called a stubborn picky eater. I'm not sure how my mom ever put up with me! Sorry Ma! I was a real pain; wasn't I?

Well, either way I hope to shortly get back up to my normal pace of life of Go! Go! Go! Until then I guess I'll be the reitred Go-Go-Girl....?


  1. Part of a big accomplishment, in addition to adequate celebration, is recovery. My typically event recovery calls for taking it easy for at least a week and sometimes longer. Taking it easy means drinking a lot and limiting exercise to short (~30minute) walks and the like. No pushing the effort or the distance.

    A "seasonal" recovery is even longer. I originally planned 6-8 weeks to recover from the season and am using my time injured to let the rest of my body (and mind) recover.

    Now, I'm a bit concerned at your comment "That could maybe explain why I might not have done better on the SLOW SALTY DOG Tri." THIS WAS A BIGGER DEAL THAN YOU ARE GIVING YOURSELF CREDIT FOR. In retrospect, most always want to do better but realize you got the job done.

    Take a break. You earned it.

  2. Rockstar-
    Hello, and thanks! Having never done a big event like this before, I had no idea what to expect for the recovery. I've done quite a few centuries on a bike and I did a couple of sprint tri's while training with Diane that was as close as I've come. Most times after a century I'm back at it in 2 days. This is new territory for me.

    And thanks for pointing out that yes I did get the job done. I finished and yes, I do need to give myself credit for that. I just tend to be hard on myself in general and am always looking for where I can improve. But evidently I need to improve on giving myself the recognition of doing something.

    Thanks for your comments!