Wednesday, November 11, 2009

BOOT CAMP--Day 2-- Concerns About a Lame Duck Session...

Waking up this morning I REALLY had concerns about managing the Boot Camp. After all, it only took me 5 minutes to get out of bed. Most of yesterday my muscles were still screaming. Yesterday my mind was playing to the tune..."Ice, Ice, Baby..." as I attempted to apply ice packs and ice bags to every part of my body when I got home from work.

It explains the ever slight soggy mess that I woke up with this morning. I went to sleep with an assortment of ice packs and ice bags last night. This morning discovered that one of them had sprung a slight leak. Ugh! I never imagined myself as an adult waking up in a wet bed. Ahem! But at least it was just water.

So I managed to get out of bed, and dressed. The socks and tennis shoes were the real challenge. Then I drive up to the place where the Boot Camp is. Well, I wasn't the first one there but I still had time to spare. I mentioned to Sofia after I struggled to get out of my car that I wasn't sure what I could manage this morning. My whole body felt like a stiff board, and I was concerned about my lower back still being sore. I was not sure if I could manage any of the class. I was just barely managing to show up, and believe me, I was questioning why I was there.

I mentioned the lower back to the teacher just prior to class and she said quite often that was common because those muscles probably haven't been used in a while. She said to just take it easy, and make sure that you are doing each of the exercises properly. She said that the lower back pain should disappear over time, and I should feel better and more flexible over time. Overtime?!? I REALLY could use a little bit of instant gratification right now!

So class starts and we are doing Pilates. Okay, so I get to finally break out my brand new exercise mat. It's rather like a sickly green slightly foamy pad. I lay it out and end up turning it over because it started to try to roll up. (Guess I need to get it out more often?) So everyone gets down on their mats on the floor with the teacher up front. It took a little doing to get my body down there but I managed it. We go through the Pilates routine that the teacher had worked up, and it's not to bad. It seems to focus more on the legs and abs. I didn't have to worry about balance. Bonus!

So we are lifting our legs to the side, then lifting them out, and back. Then the teacher directs us to point our toes and do circles. Well, I've discovered that I don't seem to have the coordination to point my toe, raise my leg and then move my leg in a circular fashion. It's like walking and chewing bubble at the same time. I just can't do it. So I rest my legs while everyone else in the class is twirling their legs and forming circles in the air. Then, we repeat the other side. I ended up resting again when we get to the twirling your point toe in the air. Which rather worked out well because some of the leg muscles were feeling the burn!

Next we are directed to do what's called a roll-up. It's coming from a flat on your back to a sit up reaching for your toes position. Well, this was a problem. Because if I had been able to do it this morning; it wouldn't have taken me 5 minutes to get out of bed. So I got up into a sitting position and stayed there. I did some stretching instead while everyone else in the class was doing the roll-ups. It was a bit embarrassing that everyone else in the class but me could manage it.

Next there was some more stomach crunches with variations of legs up, scissor legs(??), and bicycle legs. Ooooooh! Feel that burn! At this rate if I lose a little weight I could maybe dream of a 6 pack stomach? Dream, baby dream! Then we were on to some much needed stretching. Wow! I was actually feeling better towards the end of this class. My muscles were still screaming but at a MUCH lower volume! Yeah! I made it through another Boot Camp class.

Next this Friday morning.... Boot Camp Circuits??!!? I don't know. I heard some nightmare stories about these. Yikes!

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