Thursday, November 5, 2009

An Indian Summer & Finding My Mojo

Aww... it's so hard to work on days like this! It's 73 degrees, a bit of a breeze, and a few clouds. The song "I want to ride my BICYCLE!" from Queen drones on in my head as I wish I had one more of those 12 vacation days left. "BICYCLE! BICYCLE!" This is the ultimate " Indian Summer" day with all the trees turning those glorious fall colors --oranges, yellows, reds; all of it against the back drop of the snow capped mountains. Oh, the amazing beauty of it all, and here I am stuck at my desk! Ugh! I TRY to focus on work, (BICYCLE!) but I'm really finding it hard, and darn it I'm to honest to come down with an quick version of sickness that's enough to get me out of work this afternoon. So I sit here at my computer day dreaming about riding through local areas on my bike, and hopefully in the process I haven't hung up on too many customers in the wake of my lack of attention.

Last night I finally managed to get in a run after work. It was only a quick 2 miles but it felt SO good. I found myself inspired yesterday by a fellow blogger who spoke about a wonderful early morning run. (Thanks Actionbell writer of the Growler--her links at right on this blog.) It had been a whole month and 1-1/2 week since I had my running shoes on. I was getting a bit concerned about managing a 5K that I signed up to do this Saturday. I know I could probably walk it, but it's the sheer idea that I would rather be over prepared than under prepared. If that makes any sense. I guess you could say that I'm a bit of an over achiever? But the run was wonderful last night. It was just warm enough with a slight chill to make it really comfortable. While I ran, I enjoyed the sunset as I watched rushed people try to get home in their cars. I'm so glad I only have a 2 mile commute home!

You could say that I'm finally getting off of my duff! I'm finally feeling like I'm finding some motivation to do things. It's like my "MOJO" is back! Yeah, finally! This afternoon I signed up for a Boot Camp that Di had suggested. Three days a week for 4 weeks at 5:30AM. I'm a bit nervous. I've never done a Boot Camp before but I'm willing to give it a whirl. So I guess I better stop staying up until 2am reading and try to go to bed a little earlier, huh? Start doing early mornings instead of late nights-- no problem as long as I get my 5 hours I'll be fine. Awww... the benefits of being an insomniac!

Monday, calls were being made for the annual yurting expedition. It looks like that will be going down in March. Last week, I also signed up for a Cold Turkey 5K run that's on Thanksgiving. You could say the wheels are finally turning in this dense skull of mine, and I'm playing with some ideas.... maybe hitting a half marathon this Spring, and maybe trying for a full marathon later in the summer. We'll see what happens, who knows? I often come up with things at the last minute or opportunity. After all, I started training for September 70.3 Tri at the end of June, and I hadn't ran in 20 years! I can still see that incredulous look that the running shoe salesman gave me. But we'll see what the future holds, after all I like to tool around a little on the path of life and just see what crops up. That's what makes life so much of a fun adventure!

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