Friday, November 27, 2009

Cold Turkey, No Turkey, & Buns of Love...

Thanksgiving Day arrives clear, and cool. A beautiful day! At the start of the Cold Turkey Run it's a brisk 29 degrees. I can do this I think. I did a 4.25 mile run in 22 degrees a week and a half ago. Hey, this is balmy compared to that, and the temperature is suppose to get up into the low 50's before the day is out. Wait a minute! Low 50's at the end of November in Northern Utah. Freaky weather, but I won't complain.
(Photo: Myself, Diane, and Holly with State Capitol behind us.)

So, Diane, Holly, Luke(Holly's Son), and myself carpool to the start of the run. Parking is always an issue up on Capitol Hill. We arrive a little early and take some pictures with every one's cameras. Then, sit a bit in the heated car to stay warm as we wait for the run to start. We shortly head over to the start and the mass of people. I mean mass in a small place. They had almost 1200 plus runners registered for the event.
(Photo: Mass before the start of the run.)

Before I know it everyone is running. I heard someone with a bull horn talking but as far back as I was it sounded like the teacher in a Charlie Brown cartoon. No sound of a gun to mark the start. Just everyone started running in front of me, and well, because they were I followed suit. ( And no Mom I wouldn't follow suit if it was off a bridge... you taught me better.)

(Photo: Me with my fav hat on before the start.)

So I set a nice even pace and start off. My thighs feel kind of on the heavy side, as I go along. The nearest I can figure is the Boot Camp Pilates yesterday. But I muddled through anyway. Before I know it the run turns and starts going up the City Creek Canyon. The general course is to run up part of the canyon and then turn around and run down all the way to Memory Grove Park at the bottom. I tell you that running up hill is not my forte. At some of the steeper areas, I was just walking a brisk walk because running was too much. As I'm still a ways from the turn around, a male runner is all ready running back down the canyon. Then another male, and another. A gal that was running in the group around me was yelling out cheers and stating," first male runner, second male, third male..." Then, there came a guy dressed up as an Indian. He had to be cold. All he had on was a feathered head dress, and a pair of shorts with a little leather like outfit over it. Brrr-rrrr!

(Photo: The runners run up and down the City Creek Canyon.)

The gal yells out," First Indian!" Then comes a yell," First female, second female..." Then, I see a man running down with a stroller, and me being ever the vocal one. I yell," First Stroller!" There were chuckles around me, and the gal stopped yelling out from then on. OOooopps! Did I do something wrong?

About 1/2 mile from the turn around I see Holly running the down, Holly cheers me on and then about 1/4 mile from the turn around I see my friend Vena, and her husband Mike, running down. Vena gives me an at ta girl. I get to the turn around-- a orange cone that has a sign at the top that states--Turn Around Point. Then, its all down hill from here. YES! I'm half way there. This I can do! I pick up my pace just a bit because it's easier to go down hill. About a 1/4 mile after the turn around I see Vena's friend Leah, who barreled past me at the end of the Chasing Tail run earlier in the month. Hmmmm... maybe I'm improving a bit since that run? I try to pick up my pace a little more and then about 3/4 mile down I run past Diane as she's coming up the canyon. I yell and cheer her on.

As I head down a little further I'm keeping pace with another gal. She ends up taking off her head phones, and we chat as we run down. Before I knew it we were at the end, and I could hear Holly screaming and cheering me on. My fellow runner said," It sounds like you have a cheering section!" I thanked her for hanging out and wished her a Happy Thanksgiving and then picked up my pace. I sprinted across the finish line, as the timer said 48:28. Almost 13 mile minute. But not too bad considering! Then I grabbed some water and waited to cheer on Diane as she showed up. It was definitely a fun way to spend a Thanksgiving morning!
(Photos below: Diane approaching the finishline, and Diane crossing the finish line.)

Later on in the day, I met up with my friend Laura. We had decided to go the low stress way this year and go out to a restaurant to have our Thanksgiving. Besides, I've never been into the whole turkey big meal thing. So, we were hoping to have a local German restaurant open, but nope. No such luck for us. We ended up at Village Inn. They had a Turkey Special meal deal going on but I ended up having an Rio Grande Mexican Omelet with pancakes. No turkey for me, and no pie either. I figured the pancakes were enough of a dessert and let it be.

After dinner, we headed off to the theater to catch a movie. Wow! The theater was packed! I was glad that we had purchased our tickets earlier in the afternoon. There was all ready a line for the seating to get into the theater that was showing Blind Side. We ended up sitting in the third row off to the side. But I definitely would recommend the movie. It was very good heart warming flick. Perfect thing to see during the holiday season.

And oh, if you are still reading this far.... here's those "Buns of Love" as Diane and I named them. If you look closely these cute shorts have Love and hearts all over them. Gee, I wish my buns looked as good as these. Right now I wouldn't be caught dead in a pair of shorts like these...

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  1. First stroller! Hardy har har, that's good. You're just too much fun. Great job...I am thoroughly spoiled, here in PA, ran in SHORTS today. It is indeed a freaky late November, but I'm not complaining, either.

    (I've never done the Turkey Trot 5K in my neck of the woods because we have to leave early to go over the hills and through the woods for dinner, but I need to enter something!)