Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Addicted to the NOOK-y!

The verses of Limp Bizkit song called "Nookie" streams through my head as I write this.  I've recently purchased a NOOK from Barnes & Noble.  I announced it on Face Book (or Crack Book- as one friend refers to it) and immediately had a friend (Yes- YOU! You know who you are!) refer to it as the Nooky.  Thus, I have this song going through my head.... " I can't lie. I did it for the Nookie, the nookie, the nookie..." 

I can't help but think of how ever the decision was made at Barnes & Noble to name this ebook reader the NOOK.  It strikes me as strange that the name is so close to a derogatory slang term.  Oh my!  I can just see the local ladies conservative book club up in arms over it being referred as such.  OH, M-YYY! I can see them banning the NOOK and setting up picket lines in front of the NOOK booth at your local Barnes & Noble.  Well, maybe not...

The NOOK is tooted as "the #1 pick for e-readers" by Money Magazine, 2010 'Top Pick'.  There's supposedly over 1 million ebook titles available and it will store up to 1500 ebooks. (Gee, maybe this would be TOO much for that local conservative ladies book club to handle anyway.)  Then there's thousands of free ebooks that you can down load in seconds.  It also has a nice feature of 6 font sizes that are available to read the ebooks in which plays well if you need a larger print.  (Not that I need that feature as of yet.)

The ebook reader was on sale recently on the Barnes & Noble site.  Then, I had a $25 giftcard and well I gave into my shameless want.  But I knew I would get use out of it.  I've always loved to read.  I remember as a child being under the covers with a flash light reading while everyone else was asleep. (Yes, Mom that wasn't a UFO outside my back window.  It was just me!) 

My new NOOK arrived yesterday just before noon while I was at my desk at work.  I immediately opened the box and plugged it in.  No shyness here!  I needed my NOOK-y fix! (OH MY!)  I quickly figured out during my lunch (with it still plugged in) how to operate it.  It is amazingly simple!  Book downloads within seconds and I really liked that I could get samples downloaded of new ebooks.  See if I liked the writer's style or not.  A VERY nice feature!  Another feature I think I'll get use out of is the "Wish List" where you can put new books that you are interested in getting.  I figure I could put them on my list and wait till the price goes down. NICE!

I even bought it with this nice green leather cover to help it feel more like a book.  It's got a quote on it, "A good book is the best of friends, the same today and forever."- Martin Tupper.

I was up till 2AM last night getting my "NOOK-y Fix". (OH MY!) I read 5 samples of new ebooks, put 2 of them on my wish list, and downloaded some classic books for free.  I'm presently working on Pride & Prejudice.  It's kind of hard to imagine I've never read it considering how often I've seen versions of the movie. 


  1. This is dangerously cool, you know. Be careful, you might explode. I LOVE Pride and Prejudice! I predict you will read it more than once, especially since you have it on such a fun toy.

  2. Actonbell,
    Very dangerous indeed!
    I'm finding myself trying to read faster to get through all of the books that I've downloaded. Every spare moment I'm glued to my nook-- the doctor's office the other day where I held up my finger while I book marked a page before doc spoke to me.

    I'm about half way through Pride and Prejudice and I must admit that I'm really enjoying it.

    Thanks for your comment!