Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dredmill Action

This morning about 5Am-ish I headed to the gym.  The place where I would have usually gone to run was corded off and had a Hazmat team working on it.  You see, Salt Lake City has it's own oil spill. An oil spill?!!?  Yes, there was a strong wind that knocked down a branch that hit a security fence that cause an "electrical fault" that caused a power surge through a 1950's-era oil pipeline.  Thus, a "One in a Million" cause an oil spill in the desert city of Salt Lake. Can you say BIZARRE!!? 

So anyway, not wanting to dodge around Hazmat teams this morning, I found myself at the gym doing a little "dredmill" action.  I don't have any fangled gear that tells me what distance or speed I run.  Most times I measure a route before on my bike, and then just time my run, sometimes, with my cell phone.  It's low maintenance-low technology type stuff, AND simple math.  Plus, there's the fact that I only had planned the one route at this time; which in hindsight was rather not too bright of me.

But the good news is that I ran 3.5 miles in 45 minutes on the "dredmill".  I average about 4.6mph speed limit.  Nothing that the police would arrest me for but it felt good.  I was good and I did my stretches before and my stretches afterwards.  Then, I even managed my way up the three flights of stairs to my place.  This last weekend, I managed to get out with some friends and run/walk about 3.75 miles in about an hour.  I think it (the running) is coming back!  Slowly but surely...

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  1. Holy oil spill, Batman:) That is bizarre--TM's are bor-ing. I always call it the deadmill, but dredmill is better!