Monday, June 21, 2010

From Karaoke to the Tour De Flat Tires...This Weekend

I had a wonderful weekend but it always seem that Monday morning comes way TOO early. It’s so true that time flies when you’re having fun, and drags when you are not. So I find myself reflecting over my weekend while time drags at my desk on Monday morning as I’m working on my second cup of Joe. Here’s a few of the highlights of this latest weekend.

Friday night started out with going to movie with a co-worker. After the movie we headed off to a local bar for dinner and drinks. While boxing part of HUGE rib eye steak, the bar was setting up for karaoke. The co-worker and I decided to stay and check it out. The next thing I know I’m being talked into doing a little singing. It had been about 1 year since I’ve done any karaoke and OMG I was HORRIBLE! I got up for the first song and apologized to everyone in the bar ahead of time. But isn’t part of karaoke singing bad and off key and realizing that you may have thought that you knew the song but you really didn’t know it that well after all.

Saturday morning nice and early I met a friend for a run/walk up City Creek Canyon. Oh what a pretty canyon to run/walk in. The canyon starts just east of the Utah State Capitol and meanders up an eight mile stretch of road that is closed off to traffic except for a few service vehicles. We tried running for a bit but mainly walked a good pace up and back down for a total of 6.25 miles.

(Photos- ABOVE- Kym & Diane wrestling with the first flat tire-- These ladies can make it a sport! BELOW: The four of us-Kym, myself, Diane, & Brooke with Diane's pretty bike.)

Sunday was what we (Diane, Brooke, Kym & I) ended up referring to the Tour De Flat Tires. We went for a BCC bike ride up to the beautiful Chalk Creek Canyon. This one of my favorite areas to bike because it’s SO scenic and NO stoplights to worry about. It’s a box canyon that’s about an hours drive from Salt Lake and it ends at the border of Wyoming and has a creek that runs down the center of it. It oft times reminds me of Iowa farmland only with mountains. The whole area is dotted with farms/ranches where there are sheep, goats, horses, and cows.

(Photos: ABOVE- Brooke and Kym giving the thumbs up-- this was before the first flat tire. BELOW- The second flat tire and the men that helped.)

The Tour De Flat Tires started off well and we were all laughing, being loud and a bit obnoxious. We might have broken some noise ordinances with all our “to do”. But we were having a BLAST! I think we were just asking for it and we ended up having three flat tires and one tire bulging after a fix. We decided to turn around after the third one considering we only had one tube left between the four of us. . Then we discovered that Diane had a bulge from the last fix and after that two of us faced the wind to bike back to get vehicles while Kym and Diane, the Queens of the Flats for the day, waited for us to come back for them.
(Photo- Yes, this is flat number 3 you guess it!) 


  1. And we still had fun didn't we? hopefully our next ride up Chalk Creek Road won't be quite so eventful :)

  2. Terrific photos! :o)

    Neither love nor money would get me doing karaoke!