Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ground Hog Day Lessons?

This morning I was talking with a fellow co-worker and he mentioned that it felt like Ground Hog Day. I had to rather agree with him today; especially when I woke up to snow being on the ground. Today had that strange feeling of dejas vous about it and sometimes I tend to wonder if I might be locked up in the same day. Days seem to blend in together and I seem to be lost in time.

(Photo: Snow on the tree this morning outside my window.)

I almost believe that maybe I’m destined to live over and over the same day until I learn what ever I am supposed to learn. I’m just hoping that my learning curve kicks in sooner than later. Lately, it seems that I’ve been running into some strange problems during these Ground Hog Days.

I’ve played “Furniture Jenga” twice in the last week. Yep, they didn’t come to clean the carpets the first time! So I got to move my furniture twice. It all started when I called my apartment manager the day before to warn that there were two wet oil paintings hanging on the wall in the bedroom. I just told her that they needed to be careful around them. She passed the message on to the assistant manager since she was on vacation the next day. Well, it’s sort of like passing the word down the line…you know where the word starts as one thing and as it’s passed down from one person to another the word slowly gets changed. Thus, I guess the carpet cleaners were afraid to show. But yesterday, I finally got the issue worked out and now I have cleaned carpets. Can I say lesson #1 learned? Watch what you say because you never know how it may be taken.

Problem #2 has been occurring at work. I arranged for a shipment to be picked up last Thursday from a supplier. The freight company showed up to pick it up on Thursday but the supplier didn’t have it ready to be shipped. Friday the supplier was closed for some strange reason. The weekend, of course, everyone was closed. Then, the freight company was TOO busy to pick up the shipment on Monday. Finally, after calling everyone and their mother on Tuesday the shipment was picked up and is on its way. The whole time my boss was over my shoulder and wringing his hands. The lesson learned this time? Hmmm… Try to follow up more often on things to ensure results?

The third problem happened last night, while I was unaware and enjoying a local haunted house with friends. My yahoo email account was hacked into with a virus. OUCH! I’m currently emailing with Yahoo Email to get it straightened out. I apologize to all of you who may have received an email virus. A warning out to all of you that if you should happen to receive an email from me with nothing in the subject line, DO NOT OPEN IT! Lesson learned on this one? I’m SO glad I keep most of my pass words underneath my keyboard! :)

That’s all for problems though if any of you are good in with the weather gods I ask for you to put in a request for good weather for this Saturday’s Tricky Treat Bike Ride. Otherwise, I have all these prizes that I’ve put together that I won’t know what to do with. Darn it! I just may have to claim them all for myself. :)

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