Monday, October 18, 2010

Like Christmas in October!

It’s not that far away from my favorite holiday—Halloween! I’m like a big kid the night before Christmas when it comes to Halloween. I love the decorations; black cats, pumpkins, bats, and scarecrows. But my absolute favorite thing to do is dressing up. I find it really amusing going dressed up in full costume to a neighbor’s or friend’s and engage in small talk; knowing that they have no clue that it’s me that they are talking to. The aspect of the candy, well, let’s just say I try NOT to partake of this part; for as the saying goes,” a moment on the lips and forever upon the hips.” But I will admit to being a bit partial to candy corn.

Myself as Ragged Ann and Doug as Genie last year doing the door prize drawings.
This holiday really has become special in the last few years as I’ve been “hosting” a Tricky Treat Costume Ride for my bike club. It's a wonderful way to combine costumes and cycling together!  This year will be the fourth ride that I’ve done. I always hold this bike ride the last Saturday before Halloween. It’s kind of become a fun social event. Prizes awarded to best costumes and door prizes too.
Jay as the Tin Man strutting off in his costume.

Last year's Wizard of Oz Costumed Trio
There’s a costume contest before the bike ride. Everyone is invited to “strut” their costumed-self in front of group. There are prizes for the top four best costumes. The crowd judges by clapping and cheering for whom they think is best. It seems that the competition is getting stiffer every year as the costumes are getting more elaborate.

Doug, as the Head Hunter, and myself as a Clown in 2008.
It seems to me that it’s getting more fun each and every year. Last year there were about 25 people that attended. But one person, Doug, a fellow bike club member, had initially set the bar high when it came to being in costume. He has shown up as a pirate, a head hunter, and last year as a Genie. To put it in a mild manner, he REALLY gets into this dressing up in a costume. In fact, I remember jaws dropping when he pulled up in his vehicle as the Head Hunter.

Doug, as the Pirate in 2007!

Here's the group picture from last year.
After the costume contest, there’s a drawing for “door prizes”. Everyone that shows up gets a raffle ticket and then everyone that dresses up in costume gets an extra ticket. So everyone has two chances to win some fun prizes to take home. I will admit that most of the prizes are bike related but then you have to remember that it is a Halloween bike ride.
Debbie, a pumpkin, and myself as a Black & White Cruella in 2007.

And so, as I’m putting the last touches together for this event I’m finding myself getting more and more excited about it. Just like that little kid the night before Christmas!

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