Friday, March 11, 2011

Biking & a Pound of Flesh...

Good news from the scale this morning, I’m down a pound! Yep, I lost that pound of flesh! Yahoo! That brings me to 13 lbs. total weight loss. Nice! Though, I probably blew it at lunch today on the beer & sweet potato fries. Awww, but what a yummy combo it was! I’m guessing dinner better be a light fare tonight, though.

The weather has been warming up here and I’ve managed to get out a couple of bicycling lunches in the last week and a half. Yesterday, while I was out I could have almost gotten away with a short sleeve cycling jersey. It was so nice; as long as the wind was at my back. Going north, I was cruising along at 25mph barely pedaling with the wind at my back.

But, oh BOY! Turning around was a whole another story. I was glad I had the long sleeves with the wind vest. I got my workout! I down shifted to a low gear; spinning away. Then, dropped into the hoods on my handle bars and tried to make myself as small as possible. Thinking myself small and trying to be as little wind resistant as possible. Also, I was just focusing on pedaling than realizing that I was really going anywhere for all that effort.

FINALLY, I got back to the office in time to change quickly and get back to my desk. Was it worth it, you may ask. YES! But believe me, I REALLY wanted to just continue north with the wind at my back and not go back to work.

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