Friday, March 25, 2011

Weighing In & Preparing to Yurt...

Good news!! I’m down!! It is another week where I’m down 2 lbs. for the week. I’m feeling good about the whole process. In fact, this puts me now at the half way mark of what I wanted to lose. I have 16 more to go. It seems quite a bit more doable than the original formidable 32 lbs. that I had original set out to do at the beginning of the year. I’m averaging about 5 to 6 lbs. weight loss in a month. Slow and steady seems to be the key.

I know that when I really start in biking season in the next month or so; the weight will just come off me as long as I watch what I’m eating. The major problem in the past has been swinging by a fast food place on the way home after a bike ride.

I’ve lately been getting ready for a yurting expedition that I’ll be going on next week. For three days and two nights I’ll be “roughing it” at a local yurt. What's a yurt you may ask?  It's like a semi-permanent tent set up in the wilderness area.  This yurt is a four mile hike in with a backpack containing what is needed for the entire yurt experience.  The yurt is a total of 8 miles from any civilization.  It rather sounds like a wonderful form of R&R vacation to me.  I have a couple of friends that can't understand my wanting to do this.  Their idea of "roughing it" would be staying at a Motel 8 with no room service.

Photo: 2 years ago - Me cross country skiing in the same area near where the yurt is.  A BEAUTIFUL Area!
Sometimes, it’s just nice to get away from the constant hum of “civilization”. I guess you could say I’m strange that way. I often find myself thankful when the power goes out at my place. I welcome the quiet of it. I don’t think we are aware of the constant hum of electrical products going on around us. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for quite a few of those amazing and well performing products. But at the same time, I quite often like the peace and quiet that comes without all of those “things”. When I’m captured up in those quiet moments a thought comes to mind… “Are we really in charge or is it the necessity of these things that is really in charge?” Gee, maybe it’s too scary a thought to have me thinking through these philosophical thoughts?


  1. The Yurt experience sounds fantastic! Its the kind of thing I would love to do, too. Have fun. Bring a camera!

  2. Shelly- Thanks for your comment and yes, I'm planning on taking my camera. I'll post some pictures when I get back to "civilzation".