Friday, June 3, 2011

An Update & Balanced Cheeks?

I was disappointed when I got on the scale this morning.  I was up 2 whole pounds.  I've been backing off on the running because of the left butt cramp issue and doing a bit more on the elliptical machine but it's just not the calorie burning exercise that I need to stay ahead of the game.  So somethings need to be changed... either more time on the elliptical or bike or cut down on the calorie intake.  I also will admit that I was lax on my food journal keeping this last week and I think that's reflecting in the weight gain too.

Now as far as the butt cramp thing, I did a bit of research and I might have what's called piriformis.  A scientific name that basically is caused by a weakness in muscles on one side.  So my butt muscles are weak on my left side.  Go figure, the human body try as we may is not perfect on both sides.  Now it seems that I have balance issues in a whole new way.  Hmmmm.  I started doing some recommended exercises and have stopped the running all together.  Also, recommended is taking pilates or yoga classes or "core building" exercises(which I hate!).  I'm rather leaning towards trying out the pilates reformer classes that my friend Diane has been taking but there's an orientation class that conflicts with my Emigration Canyon bike rides on Tuesday night.  So I need to wait 2 weeks till I'm not leading the ride up the canyon and attend that orientation.  Till then I keep up with the exercises and hope to put some strength in my left butt check.  Funny, I thought my butt cheeks look balanced and maybe a bit saggy in the mirror!

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  1. Good luck, I hope this injury leaves your life as soon as possible. That's so frustrating, when you're so motivated and want to get out there but just can't.