Friday, June 10, 2011

An Update & Stitches...

My weight is no change for the week. I rather feel like I’m just trying to get everything under control. My cycling mileage per week has increased and I’ve tried to get a little more time on the elliptical. I’ve been doing exercises all week building my muscles in my butt area and am hoping that I can slowly start easing myself into running. But I might have a bit of a set back…

I had a small accident on my bike last night. The result of which was 5 stitches and a cut that spans from the inside of my lower right calf to almost back of the knee. I think it was due to a small rock that got in my bike cleat at the stoplight. I was trying to take off quickly from the stop light to keep up with the guys out front. I was in my competitive mode and wasn’t paying attention like I should have.
Ow!  My 5 Stitches!

My shoe slipped off the pedal and my right calf slid into the chain ring on my bike. I was bleeding a bit and knew I would have a bruise on my right elbow for sure. I was a bit shaken so I decided to head the 2.5 miles back to the car. It was as I was cleaning the dirt and rocks from my calf that I discovered it was rather a deep gash. I took a picture with my phone and sent it to a nurse friend. (Oh, the wonders of technology!) She recommended that I go have it looked at.

An hour later, I was going home with 5 stitches, an updated tetanus shot, and told by my regular doctor (who has late office hours) that if I wanted a bike sprocket tattoo it was safer to go to the local neighborhood tattoo parlor. He’s a fellow cyclist. He said no hot tub or swimming but I can go back to the running and cycling. He put in each stitch separately incase one popped while I was running or cycling it wouldn’t take them all out and make it worse.

Today, I’m in a bit of pain and I’m discovering new bruises developing on my legs and arms. I’m planning on a bike ride on Sunday morning for sure and playing with the idea of a run/walk on Saturday. But we shall see how it all goes…


  1. I hope I haven't already posted a comment--I might me driving you nuts. But, I've been trying to say: I'm sorry to hear about your accident. And yes, you do need to take care, so that you don't wind up with an infection that will prolong the inconvenience. It's really admirable the way you keep going.

    (internet explorer doesn't like Blogger. Such drama!)

  2. Thanks Actonbell! I think it may be shear stupidity and stubborness that keeps me going more than anything. No infection yet, and I managed to run/walk a slower 2.25 miles yesterday. Amazingly, I didn't pop any stitiches either!

    I,ve been having trouble with making comments on blogger of late too. I feel your pain.