Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May's End of Month Report...

It's seems like this month has went by in a whir ( a whir that's been mostly composing of rain).  Because of the rain I haven't gotten out as much on the bike as I would have liked to.  But sometimes that's the breaks, but overall I feel like things are progressing rather nicely so far this year.  Getting closer and closer to being the halfway point.  Here's how this month shaped up...

May showers bring May flowers?  Some tulips during recent bicycle ride.
As far as savings, I've turned around on my savings schedule; thanks mostly due to the sale of some paintings.  I've sold 4 porch paintings this last month; bringing the total to 7 porch paintings sold so far and have another porch owner interested.  I've also sold a bicycle painting to a friend.  I almost feel like a professional artist!  But all of this has helped with being able to save a bit more money.  I've also made donations to the Salt Lake City Habitat for Humanity; a win-win situation.

I’ve been happy in the weight loss department. As of last Friday, I was down a total of 20 lbs. Which puts me within 12 lbs. of my goal weight. I’m not losing fast with only an average weight loss of 4 lbs. per month but it’s been a nice steady pace which I hope means it’ll be harder to put back on if that ever happens.

The Nitty –Gritty for the month…

2 hours 23 minutes on the elliptical
24.15 miles running
2 miles swimming
212 miles cycling
Read 6 books (now up to 29 for the year)

Even with all of this rain I managed to get more miles on my bicycle. I have still been having problems with that “butt cramp” coming back. I have noticed that when I run on a more “cushy” treadmill that the cramp doesn’t occur until almost the 2 mile marker. I may have to back off some more with the whole running. Though, I really hate to because it’s such a good calorie burning exercise. It also serves as a good indoor on the treadmill when the weather is yucky outside.
"100 Salt Lake City Porches, No.43"; Poured Watercolor painting.

I’m currently struggling to do #49 out of the 100 Salt Lake City Porches project. I’ve now started the same porch four times on the oil canvas. I may have to set it off to the side and just come back to it.

Un-cluttering my life? Well, I’ve been forming a pile to go off to good will. It’s formed out of summer clothes that I’m not going to wear this summer and some winter clothes that I really didn’t get much use out of this last winter. I also went through my collection of make up and threw out a good bit of make up that needed to be done away with. Now I just need to work on that misc. shelf in the hall closet. It needs a major overhaul and to be organized. I guess that could be the project for this next month IF I get my act together.

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