Friday, May 4, 2012

Cinco de Mayo, Merchandise & Checking in

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  
Yep, that’s tomorrow.  I had a co-worker wish it to me as she was leaving the office.  She asked if I had any plans and I said,” Yeah!  Hopefully not slaughtering the Spanish language!”  I’m still struggling with the speaking part of Spanish.  I keep on trying to break that habit of using the French vowels.  Last Saturday afternoon, shortly after running with the bulls (see prior blog entry) I took an hour and half and just practiced speaking.  I got these two different CD with books from the library and went over the first few lessons repeating over and over and over again the words out loud till I actually kind of sounded like the voice speaking the language correctly.  This last Monday, the teacher did comment that I did sound better; like I was starting to catch on.  So this Cinco de Mayo, I may be working on practicing via CD’s on my laptop some more.

Example of "Allgood Amish Triangle" T-shirt
available at Zazzle.

Example of "Cycle of Red, Yellow & Tyedyed"
T-shirt available through Zazzle.

I got into RAGBRAI, this I found out on the first of May.  Between that and getting ready for a bike art booth of my artwork for Little Red Riding Hood, I’ve managed to get more things/ideas lined up for doing a little merchandising of my own art work.  I’ve set up t-shirts, key chains, and a messenger bag on the Zazzle website; at my store called AllgoodArt.  There's a couple of the t-shirts available above but click here to visit and see more.  Only had my store up a couple of days and I've already sold one shirt.  Cool!   I even sent out some emails to friends and people that have purchased my art and suggested some of these items would make a great Mother's Day gifts. 
Example of a Two-Tone Tote Bag I ordered some of.
I’ve also gone on to various other sites and designed/ordered various items such as; totes, bumper stickers, and magnets.  I’m hoping that by doing all of this I’ll be able to recoup some of the fees and other costs involved in RAGBRAI.  But worse, come to worse, I figure I can always see about peddling some of these items during RAGBRAI.  Why not a double opportunity of selling bike artwork to bicyclists?  It sounds like a win-win situation to me.

Checking In…
The Good News is…I was at the same weight this morning as last Friday morning.  I guess I’m okay with that; I would much rather have it the same than showing that it’s gone up.  I think I did pretty well and I logged in some good workout stats during the week- such as; 7.5 miles running, 87 miles cycling, and 13 minutes on the elliptical machine. 

More good news is…I’ve noticed that the usual Friday morning donuts; didn’t look as appealing as they usually do.  This morning, I cut the apple fritter in half and took it with coffee back to my desk.  I nursed the apple fritter along for a couple of hours and was tempted to throw the last bit away.  Sugar is losing its appeal which is always a good thing.  Now if I can just work on those late night munchies I think I would have it made.

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