Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wishing Inspiration Would Rub Off On Me...

My friend Bee broke her ankle about 9 weeks ago.  Last week she arrived at the weekly Emigration Canyon ride on an old mountain bike with flat pedals wearing an ankle boot.  She managed 12 miles of the usual 24.  The trooper she is she turned up again on her mountain bike last night and managed to do 19 of the 24 miles.  She’s such an inspiration! 
Photo: My Friend Bee and her husband Peter.
It was funny because not more than 4 weeks prior I went with her to the opera and she was going around on crutches.  At that time she was telling me how much she was missing going on the Emigration Canyon rides and was really hoping the doctor would release her for bike riding soon.  The real funny part is that as we were all cycling over to the canyon as a group, she was telling all of us how it was easier to cycle than it was to walk.  I had to laugh and I could help but think – “Now THAT’s a hard core bicyclist!”   You GO GIRL!

 I wish I could have some of that “You GO GIRL” from Bee would rub off on me.  I’m fine with the evening bike riding and a little running here & there.  But the early mornings, I can’t seem to get up and motivated at all.  It especially seems true of Monday mornings.  I only barely am managing to get to work on time on Monday’s. 

 It’s strange because last year I was getting up early 5 days a week.  Last year if I wasn’t doing the early Monday, Wednesday, or Friday wake up ride of 11 miles; you would find me running 3 to 4.5 miles at a local park.  This year, I’m not managing Mondays at all.  Running in the early mornings of Tuesday & Thursday’s is a FORGET-A-BOUD-IT!  Wednesday is a drag myself to the Early Morning Wake Up bike ride and Thursday’s I figure I’m riding that night so why run in the morning.  Fridays now I am signed up for Jump Board Pilates classes so I NEED to go.  I’m putting good money out for these classes so I force myself to get up and get going.

""Psychedelically Cranked"; Poured Watercolor on Paper by me that is in the Gallery Roll"
 I always considered myself an early morning and late night person.  Mid afternoon is always my low period of the whole day but lately it seems like early mornings have been becoming not so good.  Maybe I just need a break or something?  So Saturday morning, I’m planning on sleeping in.  Though, I don’t think that will be a problem because the night before I have an art show (I’ve got three pieces in the SLC Gallery Roll- Click here for more info.) and then I’m supposed to meet up with the “girls” afterwards for drinks.

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