Friday, May 18, 2012

A Quick Friday Check In....

With a great deal going on with a bike art show (the GalleryRoll) going on tonight, I thought I would just do a quick check in here.  After surviving another Jump Board Pilates class this morning.  That Laura is one sweet talking sadistic chick but she’s whipping me into shape.  Thanks girl!  I got on the scale this morning and happily discovered I’m down another pound.  Yahoo!  Now I’ve got 6 lbs. to go until my goal weight.  I’m getting closer and that certainly feels good.
STATS this week…

119 miles cycling
2 miles running
12 minutes on elliptical
one 55 minute Pilates class!

And check this out....

Yep!  I'm wearing "PINK".  Did I ever tell you that I have "pink" issues?  I don't consider myself a pink girlie girl.  But the sandals were on sale and they are comfortable and they go with the outfit that I'm wearing tonight.  So for the night, I think I can manage to put my "pink" issues aside for at least a few hours.

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